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Kate Le Gallez

Writer, Culture Amp

Every organization would love to have a magic workplace formula, the kind that tells you exactly what to do to create a great culture alongside high performance. But - surprise - we haven’t found one yet. What we do know is, while every great business has their own specific alchemy, they all have one thing in common - a commitment to ongoing learning so they can build on what they’re doing well and improve in the areas they’re lagging.

Gathering employee feedback on engagement, effectiveness and experience - the three Es - gives you the data your organization needs to fuel that learning process.

These three concepts should be part of any comprehensive employee feedback program. But there’s often uncertainty about what they actually mean and that can lead to misunderstanding and incorrect use. When this happens, organizations don’t gather the clear information they’re after and consequently they miss out on the learnings available.

In our recently-released ebook, The three Es: Making employee engagement, experience and effectiveness feedback work for your organisation, we untangle what these three concepts mean, why they’re important and how leading companies like JacTravel and Etsy use employee feedback to continually improve.

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The eBook also looks at some of the ways that organizations can gather feedback in each of these areas. It then covers the essential concepts you need to know about to get the most out of your feedback program and make your organization the best it can be for everyone.

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