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Congratulations – you’ve found your people. Tens of thousands of us. Welcome to the Culture First community.

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Want to build an employee experience that supports your people’s impact, growth, and success? Watch your favorite sessions from our first-ever virtual Culture First conference.

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We’re in your city, and in your corner

If you’re passionate about helping people be better, and you believe that better understanding culture is how we create a better world of work, then you’re already Culture First. Now, it’s time to link up with people just like you, living in your area – and discover what you can achieve together.

Find your people
Why be a chapter leader?

What’s a chapter? Hear from our Chapter Leaders about being part of the Culture First community.


Play a lead role in the Culture First movement to empower those around you to create a better world of work and to be the change.


What does it mean to be Culture First?
For organizations to grow and thrive, the world of work has to work better for People. Being ‘Culture First’ is about recognizing this simple truth – and then finding ways to act on it. It’s easier said than done, but we’ve found something that helps tremendously – working through issues as a community.

Ready to get started?

We’re all about the welcoming vibe – so even if you’re not yet ready to join a Chapter or attend an event, we still have plenty of options for dipping your toes in the water. Check out your options below.

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Connect with your people in real-time, share perspectives, seek advice, or just read up.

Community forum →

A forum for conversations about culture. Share and learn from peers around the world.


Culture is always evolving – and to be Culture First means keeping up. Get our newsletter, event invites, plus product insights and research.

Culture First Podcast: Stories of people building a better world of work

Whether you’re a seasoned leader who is passionate about developing people, a new manager aspiring to better your team’s culture, or just someone obsessed with Culture First ideas, this is the podcast for you.

Explore episodes

Help is more than just advice. Check out our resources.

HR for HR

In 2020 you did it tough as your companies underwent wrenching changes. Stop. Take a breath. And take a moment to check in on you.

Find out more Link through to HR for HR webpage
Let's help each other meet the challenges

Resources for resilience

In a crisis, our values are tested. Each of us – personally, professionally, collectively – has the chance to be our best selves, to truly embody our values.

Find out more Link through to the resilience webpage

Working Through It

Turbulent times will always make us feel anxious and overwhelmed. But we can – and have to – work through it. Join us on our journey to figure out how.

Find out more Link through to the working through it webpage


Culture is always evolving – and to be Culture First means keeping up. Get our newsletter, event invites, plus product insights and research.

Culture First ideas and inspiration

There's no one way to approach workplace culture – but some ways are better than others. To help you find those better ways, we use this section to share what we've found to be successful at Culture Amp... and also open the floor to Community members and partners, to ensure you have the widest possible range of perspectives and insights.

Putting Culture First is not just for the good days, putting culture first is what will help you get through the tough times


Watch Chime’s Chief People Officer Beth Steinberg and Culture Amp’s Work Culture Evangelist Damon Klotz. Damon will also be sharing learnings from hosting the Culture First Podcast, one of Apple’s Top 50 new business podcasts.

Speakers Rebecca D, Matine R, Dr Kim H and Fiona S


Creating a mentally healthy workplace

Hear from a variety of perspectives - from a clinician, to a HR leader, to a lived experience of mental health - to understand how we can start to create more mentally healthy workplaces.

Speakers Dr Arne Sjostrom and Deborah Moschioni


How to adapt your company culture in 2021

Explore how your employees’ working experiences are changing and how you can adapt and strengthen your company culture during 2021 and beyond. By prioritizing your culture, your organization will be better equipped for the future world of work.

Speakers Didier Elzinga and Jessica Barlow


Reducing costs & protecting employee experience

Join two culture first leaders for a conversation about safeguarding the employee experience through turbulent times. During this interactive discussion, we’ll focus on the employee experience during the moments and interactions that matter.

Speakers Jessica Brook and Joanne Lockwood


Bring your whole self to work? That’s easy for you to say

The notion and ability to be our ‘authentic self’ at work is a constant refrain in conversations about workplace culture. But many of these conversations fail to account for the active responsibility of companies in creating a culture that makes this possible.


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