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HR wellbeing checkup

Our wellbeing is more important now than ever

We’ve made the wellbeing of our organizations, family and friends a priority. Now it’s time to put ourselves first, so that we can keep showing up for the people who need us.

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Check your own wellbeing first

This checkup is designed to help you reflect on your own wellbeing as an HR professional – whether in a team of one or many; remote, front-line, returned or returning to the workplace. As you answer each question, reflect on how you’re feeling right now.

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With the help of our partners Thrive Global APAC at Monash Business School, we’ve put together resources focusing on the wellbeing of HR professionals.

Want to know more? Check out this article.

Managing burnout: three ways to support employee wellbeing

Learn what burnout is, how to recognize the signs, and what steps you can take to support employee wellbeing.

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Nine tips for setting boundaries at a new job

Follow these nine microsteps to help you set boundaries at your new job.

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Six microsteps you can take every day to boost your mental resilience

Here are six science-backed microsteps you can take to boost your wellbeing.

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Actionable steps for improving work-life balance

Learn how to improve work-life balance at your organization and make it central to your wellbeing strategy.

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Eight unexpected signs you need more sleep

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the small ways their bodies signal to them that they need more sleep. Which of these signs resonates with you?

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How to fuel your connection with wellness

Four practical ways you can prioritize your wellbeing and wellness at work.

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