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Transform your business

Handle change with confidence

Culture Amp helps you ease your employees’ resistance and concerns. You’ll get the insight you need to support your people through the challenges of change.

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

Is your company making a major change in its technology, workforce or business model?


  • 70%of executives expressed dissatisfaction with the communication of objectives to employees

  • 84%of digital transformations fail

  • 43%of executives say they see too many competing priorities with digital transformation

Make change smoother for everyone

Culture Amp captures insights from your employees, giving leaders and managers a better look at the big picture. So they can take data-driven action. And keep your people aligned through times of uncertainty.

Adapt to change with development

As the top predictor of motivation, employee development is critical during times of change.

Keep your people motivated and engaged with individual development plans and clear paths to career progression.

Plus, drive high performance by aligning employee growth goals with the changing needs of your business.

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Support your people and take quick action

If you want to keep morale up, employees need to know that leadership cares about how changes affect them.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce with Culture Amp’s surveys. Powerful reporting tools show you exactly what’s going well and what isn’t.

So you can act swiftly and tackle challenges proactively.

Thrive through change

During major changes, your performance management can easily break down.

Gain the flexibility of a performance solution that adapts to changing teams & dynamics.

Keep your company’s performance development on track so employees can keep improving, even through challenging times.

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Make better decisions about culture now.

Understand and identify the high-impact actions that successfully take a company and its people to the next phase of its journey.

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