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Performance Management: Build high-performing teams

Example multi-source feedback and self-reflection widgets

Build high‑performing teams via ongoing conversations and a trusted review process – supporting both managers and employees in driving positive change.

A fair and objective approach

Create a fair and equitable process for all employees with our science-backed templates and expert guidance.

Ongoing growth conversations

Optimize collaboration and communication around performance with a unified view of 360° feedback, goals/OKRs, and 1‑on‑1s.

An easy‑to‑manage process

Run headache‑free reviews – quickly assess performance with flexible templates, multi‑source feedback, and calibration tools.

Goal/OKR tracking

Keep your company aligned and on track

Set and manage goals/OKRs using effective, proven methodologies for individuals and teams – both traditional and cross‑functional.

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Empower teams to do their best work

Encourage key collaboration and connection between managers and employees with our 1‑on‑1 template – helping managers coach on wellbeing, growth, and performance.

Example 1-on-1s widgets

Create fair and useful performance review process across your organization

Calibrations are the key to equitable performance reviews. Easily track employee performance across the company and identify opportunities for alignment.

Example calibration view widget
Multi‑source feedback

Bring in multiple voices to stay objective

Incorporate self‑reflections, peer feedback, and manager feedback into reviews to get a full and fair picture of employee performance.

Example multi-source feedback and self-reflection widgets

Make feedback incredibly easy to give

Allow employees to provide feedback to peers right in the flow of work via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chrome integrations.

Example feedback widgets
Continuous feedback

Create a culture of ongoing feedback

Enable continuous employee development by making it simple for anyone to give or request feedback at any time.

Example feedback widget

Built for everyone in your organization


Give your employees a voice. Take the tension out of performance management with a process built on trust.


Empower managers to coach their reports throughout the year, so come review time, they feel confident and ready to grow.


Understand performance across the company, identify where to focus, and take action.

Rethink performance with a powerful and culturally‑aligned process

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High performance starts with a culture first approach

Employee engagement, performance, and development all in one platform. Ready to learn more?

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Build a world-class employee experience today

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