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The Employee Experience Platform | Culture Amp

Culture Amp platform integrations

Connect to the tools
you use everyday

Save time and reach your people where they work with seamless integrations.

HRIS integrations

Easily plug in your people data

Say goodbye to wrangling spreadsheets and manually uploading data. Culture Amp automatically syncs with your human resources software and systems of record so the data about your people is always up-to-date and ready to use.

Easily ~~plug~~ in your people data
Flow-of-work Integrations

Real time feedback with one click

Make it easy for your people to access insights, review goals, give each other timely feedback, and receive praise directly from the tools they’re using every day. Our integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams make sure more people communicate about what matters most, more often.

Real time ~~feedback~~ with one click
Data control

Complete control over your data

Tap into your Culture Amp insights any way you like with multiple options for extracting your data. Connect your data to other systems, perform your own analysis, or combine data with other sources — it’s completely up to you.

Complete ~~control~~ over your data
Compensation integrations

Connect the dots between performance and compensation

Save countless hours, minimize spend, and make better compensation decisions with Culture Amp and Pave. With our integration, you can easily connect employee performance to compensation, helping your leaders make smarter, more equitable decisions - that reduce cost while keeping and attracting the best talent.

~~Connect~~ the dots between performance and compensation
Learning and development resources

Knowledge resources from industry experts

Supercharge your employee development strategy with custom educational resources from LifeLabs Learning and Go1. Empower your people with personalized development plans, career paths, and learning resources - building new skills for employees, and improving performance across the company.

Knowledge ~~resources~~ from industry experts

Explore our partner ecosystem

Whether you’re outfitting your HR department with a new tech stack, or looking for strategic consulting, our partner ecosystem connects you with the right solutions.

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A platform that plays nicely with others

Connect to where work happens

Our integrations span to the critical tools your people use every day so relevant insights and feedback are always within reach.

Expand your impact

Giving other teams in your company access to the data helps your entire business to get value.

Increase employee participation

Making it easy for employees to share feedback drives participation in your programs to new heights.

  • Neil Blumenthal

    Culture Amp helps us find ways to improve, to benchmark against best-in-class companies, and to deliver on our commitment of being data-driven in every area of the business.”

    Neil Blumenthal

    CEO at Warby Parker

All-in-one platform

illustration of a hand holding a microphone

Know what drives your people

Understand engagement and boost retention with flexible templates, proven action plans, and key insights.

Illustration of a high-five

Build high-performing teams

Create a culture of high performance by enabling meaningful conversations and focusing on growth.

Illustration of three people holding a green flag

Develop your people

Keep your people motivated and your business growing with development that aligns with business strategy.

Build a world-class employee experience today

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