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HR through crisis

Let’s help each other
meet the challenges.

In a crisis, our values are tested. Each of us – personally, professionally, collectively – has the chance to be our best selves, to truly embody our values.

Resilience resources: a crowd-sourced collection of ideas, information and resources to help you navigate challenging times.

Supporting your team

Working remotely

Health information

Crowd-sourced ideas

  • Suddenly remote workforce: crowd-sourced list of resources, articles, tools to help you think about WFH practices and policies – and how to care for your employees in an empathetic manner [Kunik]
  • Coronavirus HR comms & resources guide: crowd-sourced list of public Coronavirus/COVID-19 company policies, updates, conference & school closures, and resources

These are great too

Want more context? Understand How HR can keep people safe from coronavirus.

Free emergency response survey template from Culture Amp

Keep your people in the loop and have their concerns inform your strategy: here’s a free template from Culture Amp’s People Science team, with an extended emergency response survey and a special COVID-19 pulse survey.

Build a world-class employee experience today

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