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What is people science?

Discover new ways to make work better


People science is the practice of examining how people think, feel, behave, and learn – and it’s embedded into everything we do for you.

Our approach

We work with you to identify the best way to ask survey questions, create strategies for collecting feedback, and sift through data to make impactful decisions. We also educate on the principles of telling stories with data and linking employee feedback data to key business metrics.


We combine peer-reviewed literature with field experience and customer insights to craft recommendations that acknowledge the complexity of contemporary workplaces. We know that even the slightest ambiguity can derail survey results, so a rigorous approach is vital.

Always innovating

We make hypotheses, test them, learn, and iterate to bring you the best methodologies for collecting data you can trust.

Positive growth mindset

We believe in approaches that will engage and develop your people to improve business outcomes.

Thought partnership

Our customers enjoy unrivaled support, education, and upskilling from some of the world’s brightest minds in people science.

  • Jason McPherson

    “We have empathy and understanding about the problems a customer and their leadership is facing, beyond what one can gather from a theoretical or data-driven perspective alone.”

    Jason McPherson

    Culture Amp Founding Scientist

  • “We use data and analytics to build actionable insights into how people interact with each other and their work environment, and how this affects outcomes like performance, engagement, and employee retention.”

    — Michael Callans


    VP of People Science at Culture Amp


A window into regrettable attrition

If you have low scores on your Engagement survey, it’s natural to question who the unfavorable results are coming from. Our research indicates they might be from the very employees you most want to keep!

Science - Infographic - Insight - Regrettable Attrition

Fig 1: A window into regrettable attrition

Our nimble, in-house team listens to your company’s goals

Culture Amp helps you apply the latest learnings from industrial/organizational psychology, organizational development, and data science to improve your business.

Data you can use

We analyze millions of responses – worldwide, across industries – feeding insights from top-performing companies back into our platform to help you collect meaningful data and enact positive change.

Founded on people science

At Culture Amp, people science has been embedded into the platform from the start. Our in-house experts blend industrial/organizational psychology and data science with real business insights and user empathy to understand and meet the multifaceted needs of our customers.

A world-class team

With PhDs in everything from industrial/organizational psychology to machine learning, our expansive, interdisciplinary team has decades of industry experience, previously holding roles at Deloitte, Google, Mercer, Korn Ferry, and other leading organizations.

Diverse insights

Our people scientists specialize in behavioral psychology, occupational health, organizational development, diversity and inclusion, business analytics, change management, and more. This diversity gives our team breadth and strength, helping us forge new paths to get you the best results.

Heading anchor

Leadership spotlight

Michael Callans, VP of People science at Culture Amp

Michael Callans, VP of People science

Michael leads our global team of people scientists, funneling their brilliance into our products and services. With an educational background in industrial/organizational psychology and over 30 years of industry experience, he previously held executive positions at Wonderlic, Wonderlic Consulting, and Pymetrics. Michael also founded in 2008. By blending validated research and methodologies with a practical real-world approach, his team creates optimal solutions to help you achieve your business and culture goals.

Chloe Hamman, Head of Culture Lab at Culture Amp

Chloe Hamman, Head of Culture Lab

Chloe, who holds a master’s in organizational psychology, is a director of People Science and heads Culture Lab, our in-house research institute. She has over 15 years of experience in organizational behavior and culture, people development, and workplace wellbeing from her work in consulting and leading employee engagement programs. Chloe and her Culture Lab teams bring together people science, data science, and machine learning to explore new ways to analyze and connect data. They combine the world’s best methodologies with the world’s best test environment to drive product innovation for our customers.

Jason McPherson, founding scientist at Culture Amp

Jason McPherson, Founding Scientist

As our first hire and founding scientist, Jason teamed up with our founders to create the Culture Amp platform – and his deep expertise continues to inform our work today. Jason, who holds a PhD in psychology, has been researching and driving behavior change for over 15 years and has a wealth of both academic and industry experience. He was a founding member of the workplace survey team at IBM’s Kenexa Australia, a business psychology consultancy, and his research has been published in prestigious methodology journals including those of the American Psychological Association and The Psychonomic Society.

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