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Develop your people into top performers

Grow your people and your business with employee development that drives performance at scale.

Drive motivation, growth, and performance at scale

Career paths

Provide clarity around roles and career paths

Create and share role descriptions and competencies that help your people excel in their current roles while preparing them for future opportunities.

Provide ~~clarity~~ around roles and career paths

Customize competencies to fit your organization

Start using competencies right away from our library – or easily customize them to align with your organization’s needs.

~~Customize~~ competencies to fit your organization
Individual growth plans

Engage and retain your people with individual employee development plans

With expertly designed, science-backed workflows, make it easy for your people to set clear, personalized, and motivating growth plans.

~~Engage~~ and ~~retain~~ your people with individual employee development plans
Key L&D data

See insights and impact in one central dashboard.

Identify the most pressing development needs to inform your L&D strategy with a consolidated view of activities, impact, and focus areas.

See ~~insights~~ and ~~impact~~ in one central dashboard.
Trackable growth goals

Track progress and enhance performance conversations

Empower your employees to easily set and update development goals right in the platform, driving continuous growth and boosting performance.

Track progress and ~~enhance~~ performance conversations
Skills Coach

Deliver daily micro-learnings through Slack, email, and Microsoft Teams

Help managers improve leadership skills with quick, interactive exercises that leverage spaced repetition to build new behaviors and habits.

Deliver daily ~~micro-learnings~~ through Slack, email, and Microsoft Teams
  • Jennifer Shevlin

    The beauty of having [Develop] is that it outlines career paths and expectations across roles, helps employees better understand what's expected of them in their current positions, and shows them what to focus on to prepare for future roles.”

    Jennifer Shevlin

    Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Blueprint Medicines

Employee development that benefits your people and your business

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Continuous growth and performance

Boost performance, motivation, and engagement by aligning individual development plans with your organization’s needs.

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Designed for scale and adoption

Drive adoption at scale with science-backed guidance that makes it easy to take action and make progress.

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Key insights and measurable impact

Prioritize development investments and demonstrate impact with powerful reporting and one, centralized dashboard.

Supercharge your employees and business with continuous, individualized development tools

Employee development is good for your people and your business. Keep your people motivated and growing to maximize success at your organization.

Drive performance and boost engagement with employee development


Toolkit: Develop your people

Your guide to fostering a culture of development.

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Why development should be HR”s top priority

Employees without consistent development opportunities are 2x more likely to leave within a year. Learn about employee development's impact in this guide.

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Drive effective behavior change with science.


Using behavioral science to drive organizational change

In this guide, learn to equip both your organization – and your employees – with science-backed strategies for successful behavior adoption.

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CFG on-demand

Creating a development program that benefits everybody – feat. Deezer

Learn how Deezer ensures that as their business grows, their people strategy continues to support their mission & values, their employees’ development, and the communities they serve.

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All-in-one platform

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Know what drives your people

Understand engagement and boost retention with flexible templates, proven action plans, and key insights.

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Build high-performing teams

Create a culture of high performance by enabling meaningful conversations and focusing on growth.

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Develop your people

Keep your people motivated and your business growing with development that aligns with business strategy.

Build a world-class employee experience today

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