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Employee Development: Develop your people

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Transform all managers into leaders and all employees into high performers with our growth and development solutions.

Skill development for all levels

Develop leaders, managers, and individuals with personalized plans and measure the strategic impact – all in one platform.

Managers as change agents

Empower your managers to become effective leaders with essential tools and customized support designed for busy schedules.

Science‑backed tools that drive results

Achieve real change with proven techniques grounded in behavioral science and designed by organizational psychologists.

Skills Coach

Help managers improve their leadership skills with daily micro‑learnings

Drive new behaviors and healthy management habits with short, interactive exercises delivered through Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email.

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Empower managers to have more meaningful conversations

Build critical connections between managers and direct reports via our templated 1‑on‑1 tool, keeping everyone aligned, engaged, and working toward the same goals.

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Drive immediate behavior change with science‑backed tips for managers

Provide managers with quick answers, trusted advice, and tools for building inclusive teams, managing remotely, improving resiliency, and more – all with Culture Amp Playbooks.

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360° and 180° feedback

Easily identify strengths and opportunities for development

Supercharge manager and individual development with templated, action‑oriented 180° and 360° feedback surveys that pinpoint critical skill gaps.

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Continuous feedback

Give and request real‑time feedback throughout the year

Accelerate business growth via continuous developmental feedback – made simple to give and request with easy integrations including Slack, Teams, and Google Chrome.

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Skill tracking

Align employee feedback to skills and accelerate business change

Shape strategic talent planning and L&D programs through Feedback Skills Cards that help you manage a skills inventory and identify any key gaps.

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Built for everyone in your organization


Help individuals continuously develop with ongoing feedback, action-oriented, skill‑based reporting, and structured 1‑on‑1s.


Help your managers build the skills they need to be effective leaders and drive team success.


Streamline strategic planning and L&D programs by understanding the skills your managers and employees need the most.

Culture Amp has the tools to help your people reach their full potential

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Employee development drives organizational success

Employee engagement, performance, and development all in one platform. Ready to learn more?

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Build a world-class employee experience today

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