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Employee career development

Develop your people

Grow and retain your people with science-backed employee development tools that drive personalized, continuous growth – at scale.

A motivating future

Empower employees with actionable development that paints a clear future at your company.

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Meaningful growth discussions

Give managers the tools they need to have more useful and frequent development conversations with their direct reports.

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Measurable L&D impact

Track employee development, prioritize L&D initiatives, and demonstrate impact.

Personalized plans

Foster motivating development for your employees

Make it easy for your people to define clear growth plans that balance business needs with their personal aspirations.

Foster ~~motivating~~ development for your employees
Centralized view

Support productive growth conversations with easily accessible plans

Provide managers and employees with easy access to the development plan, making it simple to revisit, discuss, and adapt.

Support ~~productive~~ growth conversations with ~~easily~~ accessible plans
Key L&D data

Show positive impact in one central dashboard

Identify the most pressing development needs and see impact across your business with a consolidated view of L&D activities, effectiveness, and focus areas.

Show positive ~~impact~~ in one central dashboard
Trackable growth goals

Encourage continuous growth and motivation

Employees can set and update development goals right in the platform – making it easy to track progress and enhance performance conversations.

Encourage ~~continuous~~ growth and motivation
Science-backed guidance

Support high-quality development planning with science-backed tips

Give your employees and managers direction and confidence with guidance from our people scientists.

Support ~~high-quality~~ development planning with science-backed tips
Continuous prompts

Keep development top of mind

Keep growth going no matter how busy people get with notifications that prompt plan completion.

Keep ~~development~~ top of mind

Built for everyone in your organization

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Help individuals continuously develop with personalized plans that enable meaningful growth.

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Empower managers to understand what motivates their direct reports and find opportunities to help them develop.

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Track employee development, prioritize the most valuable L&D initiatives, and demonstrate business impact.

Culture Amp has the tools to help your people grow with your organization

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Don’t just take it from us. Learn more from companies who are leading the way:

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Employee development drives engagement and retention

Employee engagement, performance, and development all in one platform. Ready to learn more?

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