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The Employee Experience Platform | Culture Amp

An employee experience that people love

Get the employee engagement, performance and development tools and insights you need to build a category-defining culture.

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  • Our customers experience:

  • 2Xrate of innovation

  • 2Xhigher customer satisfaction

  • 25%greater profitablity

Don’t crunch the numbers – connect the dots

Engagement. Development. Performance. Growth. Retention. They’re absolutely vital to business, but other tools won’t tell you the full story. Ready to go deeper?

Employee engagement: Understand your employees

Listen to your employees so you can make better decisions and drive meaningful change in your organization.

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Performance management: Build high-performing teams

Build high-performing teams by enabling ongoing conversations with anytime feedback, goal tracking, development-focused reviews, and better 1‑on‑1s.

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Employee development: Develop your people

Grow and retain your people with personalized, continuous development that's easy to measure and scale.

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More than a platform - it’s a mission, and we’re in it together

We help facilitate a grassroots, bottom-up movement of HR professionals and people leaders committed to improving the employee experience across their organizations. Get connected to exchange ideas, resources and support.

Collect data, understand insights, and take action

So we invite you to peek behind the curtain, and explore how we enable individual agency, maintain a growth mindset, and mesh sentiment with science. Because we believe when more people connect with culture, we all move closer to a better world of work.

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We are on a mission to create a better world of work

Who we are

We’ve grown from small start-up to global community, by keeping our focus on a single idea: culture first, no matter what.

Go deeper
Building an anti racist culture amp

Culture Amp’s commitment

Building an anti-racist culture has always been important. Now is the time to move past statements and on to commitment, plans, and accountability.

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Work with us

We’re at our best when our team is at their best - which is why we’ve created a flexible, supportive and thoroughly human workplace.

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Build a world-class employee experience today

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