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Neil Blumenthal


Culture Amp gives us high-quality feedback from employees, ensuring that we continue to learn, grow and challenge ourselves.

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Katie Hunt-Moor

Values & Impact

Now we actually have a way to measure our improvement and organize programs around a quantitative metric.

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Evan Wittenberg

SVP of People

The comprehensiveness of the platform and depth of analytics enable us to be ahead of the curve.

The first platform for People Ops

Culture Amp takes running an employee survey and combines it with a great user experience and powerful analytics.

You get fully customizable engagement, onboarding, exit, pulse and specialized surveys out-of-the-box. Real data and genuine insight on your most important asset.

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Performance Reviews
Checking in on the Performance Review

As workplace cultures evolve so have the rituals within them, so where does that leave the annual performance review?

The Culture Zine
The Culture Zine

Read through the latest articles in our Culture Zine. The best articles on building great company cultures.

2015 Benchmark Report
New Tech Benchmark Report

What is the culture like at some of the fastest growing, most ambitious companies in the world? Find out in our latest Benchmark Report.