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Employee engagement platform

Understand your employees

Increase retention, boost engagement, and drive meaningful change with Culture Amp’s employee engagement solution.

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

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Powerful insights for leaders

Empower your leaders to retain and engage their people with clear focus areas. Plus, see action plans that have worked for companies like yours.

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Data you can trust

Deploy science-backed employee survey tools to get accurate data that helps you prioritize the right programs and prove impact against robust benchmarks.

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One connected, easy-to-use platform

Make engagement effortless with HRIS and work tools integrations, automated feedback, and an intuitive employee engagement platform built to drive participation.

Ready‑to‑use surveys

Access 30+ science-backed and customizable survey templates

We’ve got you covered – get the accurate data you need to understand engagement to DEI, onboarding to exit, and more. Use our surveys off-the-shelf or tailor them to your needs with the help of our best-in-class support team.

Access 30+ science-backed and ~~customizable~~ survey templates
Powerful insights

Empower your leaders with powerful, trusted data

Equip your leaders with the know-how to improve retention and engagement with intuitive dashboards, and understand how your people are feeling through comment analysis. Plus, identify your most successful teams and share their learnings with those that need support.

Empower your ~~leaders~~ with powerful, trusted data
Retention insights

Stop turnover before it’s too late

Get the earliest turnover warning signals with Retention Insights. Predict who’s at risk of leaving and why – so you can gain leadership buy-in for the initiatives that will keep your most valuable people.

Stop ~~turnover~~ before it’s too late
Focus areas

Identify opportunities for immediate action

Focus Agent helps you pinpoint, prioritize, and take action on the highest impact areas.

Identify ~~opportunities~~ for immediate action
Proven action planning

Access action plans that have worked for over 6,500 companies

Drive positive change faster with Inspiration Engine – learnings from leading companies who have overcome similar challenges.

Access ~~action plans~~ that have worked for over 6,500 companies

Understand your impact against market-leading benchmarks

Learn how to build a better work culture by comparing your results with others in your industry, region, and more. Plus, gain a competitive advantage by accessing insights into the cultures of other leading companies.

Understand your ~~impact~~ against market-leading benchmarks

An employee engagement tool built for everyone

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Create a culture of clear accountability where your employees feel heard and understand their role in driving change.

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Deliver powerful insights and customized reports so managers know exactly how to support their teams.

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Learn how your people are feeling, and leverage science-backed data and insights to take meaningful action.

  • What matters most is having a finger on the pulse and making sure you are constantly caring for your culture. And Culture Amp makes that really easy to do.”

    Melissa Del Broccolo

    Vice President of Talent Management at KIND

High performance starts with a culture first approach

Employee engagement, performance, and development all in one platform. Ready to learn more?

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Build a world-class employee experience today

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