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Net Zero Plan
Ella McKinley

Ella McKinley

Equitable Design Lead, Sustainability, Culture Amp

At Culture Amp, we believe that operating sustainably is key to achieving our mission of building a better world of work. We’re excited to share that we are launching our Net Zero Plan, alongside research insights on the impact of sustainability on employee engagement. By living the change we want to see, we hope to inspire others to join us in these efforts.

Culture Amp’s Net Zero Plan

Backed by the ambitious Tech Zero climate action group, Culture Amp has set a target for net-zero emissions by 2040, including across our supply chain. We set this target because we are genuinely concerned about the climate crisis and its inequitable impacts, and we are committed to making a difference.

This commitment is deeply connected to our mission of “creating a better world of work” and our founders’ decision six years ago to make Culture Amp a B Corp.

Now, we’re moving our plan forward by building out a comprehensive approach to sustainability that outlines the steps we are taking to have a real, measurable impact on the climate crisis.

Targets aren’t enough

This month, we’re releasing research that shows how investing in sustainability can make a significant contribution to employee engagement. For companies to see the full benefit, their employees must view the company's sustainability efforts as authentic and believe they go beyond greenwashing. Setting an emissions reduction target alone only boosts engagement by 2 percentage points, but when employees perceive their company’s commitment to sustainability is genuine, engagement is boosted by a sizeable 16 percentage points.

“While setting science-based targets is an incredible and important first step, our research shows that targets need to be part of a broader climate change strategy. Employees are wise to the fact that companies tend to make promises they don’t keep. So how those targets are set, communicated, and acted upon is paramount for creating a demonstrable impact on employee commitment and motivation.” - Fresia Jackson, Lead Researcher, Culture Amp

Focusing on impact

Reducing our emissions

The climate is in crisis. At Culture Amp, we recognize that companies have a huge role to play – both as a source of the problem and as part of the solution. Culture Amp’s market research shows that genuine action is more important to employees than targets alone. Our ambitious Net Zero Plan is built around impact areas that prioritize real, measurable, and equitable action:

  • Measuring and holding ourselves accountable for our impact
  • Setting science-based targets and reducing our emissions
  • Supporting people facing climate impacts
  • Collaborating for broader change

Working together for change

We understand that climate change is a global problem that we can’t solve on our own. That’s why we have embedded collaboration at the heart of our climate strategy. Culture Amp is part of climate action groups Tech Zero and the B Corp Climate Collective, where we’re a Business Council member. To maximize our impact, we’re also working with our investors, suppliers, customers, and government and industry bodies to advance climate action.

Supporting people facing climate impacts

No one left behind

Culture Amp is a company that cares deeply about people, and we know the climate crisis is hurting communities around the world. That is why commitment to climate equity is central to our Net Zero Plan. Two years ago, we launched our Emergency Support Policy so employees facing extreme weather events can access additional benefits. On top of this, we provide mental health resources to ease employees’ climate anxiety. We also support climate equity NGOs through our grant program and organize targeted fundraisers for affected communities.

Where to from here?

Culture Amp is authentically engaging with sustainability and finding ways to make an impact. Our approach to climate action is to be vulnerable about the challenges we are facing and always strive for better outcomes. We won’t stop until climate change does. We encourage other companies to join us in making real commitments to sustainability.

What’s next

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