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The science of understanding humanity at work

We put theory into practice, at scale

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Collect the right data, understand the insights, and take action to improve your employee experience with Culture Amp’s science-backed solutions and research.

Experts dedicated to your success

Our in-house psychologists and data scientists are dedicated to creating the best platform and support to help you reach your business and culture goals. Their innovative research and decades of expertise are embedded into everything we do, ensuring accurate, meaningful results.

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Innovation for your organization

Whether it’s retaining top performers or managing through change, the team at Culture Lab, our research institute, explores new ways to tackle your most pressing challenges. They draw from the world’s biggest collection of employee insights to drive innovation for your organization.

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Collective intelligence at your fingertips

Get insights into the cultures of top-performing companies to measure and compare your impact. Our annual benchmarks span industries, regions, and more to help you continually advance your understanding of how to build a better work culture.

Focus on career growth, role expectations, and inclusion before they lead to turnover

Culture Amp research shows employees are likely not leaving because of their managers, but because they feel like they aren’t growing, their role is misaligned, or they don’t feel included at the company.

Help us help others

Help build a better world of work by joining our product research panel.

Culture Amp science publications & resources

Putting culture first to overcome uncertainty

Culture Amp looked at data from over 2,400 companies worldwide and 1.8 million employees to uncover the impact of hiring & retention on the employee experience – and how these numbers affect a company’s ability to endure and overcome change.


2023 Equitable design & impact transparency report

The 2023 EDI Report highlights Culture Amp's efforts and progress over the last year in building a representative, equitable, and inclusive workplace.


State of the Manager 2023

Understand what managers are experiencing at work and how HR can better support managers to drive business impact.


The manager experience: The good, bad, and surprising

Understand the ins and outs of the manager experience. See the latest research on the pros and cons of being a manager.

Podcast episode

How to hold onto your high performing employees, with Fresia Jackson

In this episode of the Culture First Podcast, we are returning to the data to bring you the latest in employee experience research. In part two of our data exploration, we are looking at a specific study that was just completed by our data and research team on the relationship between engagement and performance.


An early honeymoon: How to improve the first-year experience

What is the employee honeymoon tenure affect, why does it happen, and how does it affect engagement? Our people scientists dive into the data.


How to motivate employees: 5 research-backed strategies

Wondering how to motivate employees? Motivation doesn’t have to be a mystery. Here are five research-backed ways to boost employee motivation.


Double-barreled questions: What they are and how to avoid them

Discover the importance of avoiding double-barreled questions in workplace surveys, and master the art of crafting clear queries that yield actionable feedback.


HR’s complete guide to company culture

This guide to company culture will show you the business case for putting culture first, steps for improving organizational culture, and more.

Build a world-class employee experience today

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