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Culture Amp collects millions of responses worldwide to help understand organizational culture and performance. We publish insights across industry and region, benchmarking how companies are engaging their people.

We identify the features of the best-performing organizations, and feed that back into our understanding of how to build better work cultures.

Insights are aggregated from statistically-valid groupings – industries, regions, and individual attributes – from thousands of companies, contributing together to the world’s biggest employee-survey data lake.

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Culture Amp publishes hundreds of benchmarks across industry, geography, and size.

What can benchmarks tell us?

Drinking from the world’s largest employee data lake.

Global insights

Consistent features of high performers

  • Company Performance


  • Leadership


  • Engagement


  • Service & Quality Focus


  • Social Connection


  • Innovation


  • Collaboration & Communication


  • Decision Making


  • Feedback & Recognition


  • Learning & Development


  • Action


Difference between Engaging Growth benchmark and worldwide average, selected factors

Global insights

Consistent features of high performers

Our Engaging Growth benchmark tracks companies with the rare combination of fast growth and strong employee engagement. These high-performing organizations are hiring consistently while keeping their people motivated and committed.

Those organisations come from a range of industries—but they consistently outperform their competition on a range of survey factors. Their scores in Company Performance, Engagement, Leadership, Service & Quality Focus, Social Connection, and Decision Making are 10 points or higher above the average factor scores.

Understanding difference

Variation across groups

Culture Amp survey questions are grouped into factors, clusters representing specific parts of the employee experience. Demographic, industry, and regional differences influence responses and result in notable response variation across factors.

Given these differences, selecting a benchmark that closely matches your region and/or industry is key to providing useful and reliable context.

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