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Lexi Croswell, author

Lexi Croswell

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Culture Amp

At Culture Amp, we’ve always been passionate about supporting our community of People Geeks. For years we’ve hosted People Geekups, webinars, and other events to bring this community together in person. Now, we’re thrilled to be providing People Geeks a new way to connect and advance their careers - The Culture Amp Career Hub.

Culture Amp’s Career Hub is the all-in-one spot for HR professionals to advance their careers. With our API we’re curating quality HR jobs and welcoming Culture First companies to post their most-needed roles on the Hub. It’s not just about finding the right job, the Career Hub also helps you build the skills you need to advance by offering career advice from our most renowned customers and People Geeks.  

To celebrate the launch of the Career Hub, we’re exploring the many pathways of an HR career. The HR Generalist role is one of the most common ways to start on the HR career path since one person learns from many different areas. An HR generalist’s work can span and evolve into many knowledge areas which we’ve outlined below.


Working as an HR payroll manager involves work with the finance team as well. It’s often a function that sits across both teams, or at some companies sits only with finance. Either way, HR is mostly responsible for many of the components that make up payroll like salary, bonuses, and benefits deductions.


The Benefits Specialist or Benefits Analyst role as it is often referred to can include compensation analysis as well as benefits. For strictly benefits specialists, responsibilities often include overseeing the administration of benefits like 401k and retirement, health, life insurance, disability, and more.

Culture and values

A Culture Manager or Values and Culture Manager will oversee and grow the company’s culture by facilitating internal buy-in for all culture-related initiatives and leading a strategic vision. They’re also in charge of ensuring structural and systems alignment within HR so that all tools support the overall culture and values.

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Employee Engagement Managers are also tasked with driving organizational culture initiatives often with a more data-focused lens. Knowledge of employee engagement and employee engagement survey strategy are imperative to this role.

Employee Experience

Often an entry level role, the Employee Experience Manager looks after things like office design, internal communications, and help to create a work environment that attracts and retains employees. In the more advanced stages of this role, a Head of Employee Experience is more deeply focused on retention and engagement as it relates to the employee experience.

Learning and development

As a strong driver of employee engagement, learning and development is important for every company. Learning and Development Managers craft the internal learning and development strategies for their companies, and should be well-versed in different learning styles and available platforms.

Talent acquisition

A Talent Acquisition Partner at the broadest level is responsible for recruiting new employees. In addition, they’re also responsible for strategic elements like the employee value proposition, and the legal requirements of onboarding.

Many people in HR choose to stay on the generalist career path and work on pieces of everything. Others choose to take a new HR career path towards a specialty. Either way, one of the best ways to advance in the HR profession is to work for a company who values HR’s contribution and individual learning and development. After that, it’s about finding the next company to further your career.  

Whether you’re looking for a new job or building out your team, the Culture Amp Career Hub is your new go-to spot. We’re looking forward to sharing the successes of better HR careers and easier hiring for HR teams.  

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