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Diversity and Inclusion survey: Building a more inclusive future

Toby Roger

Lead Product Marketing Manager, Culture Amp

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Our journey to building the Diversity and Inclusion survey began in 2015, when we partnered with Paradigm to develop a measure that helps companies understand how people from all groups feel about their workplace. Today marks the next step in that journey. By tapping into the Collective Intelligence of the global People Geek community, the Culture Amp platform helps companies to move beyond measurement toward action for more inclusive workplaces.

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Every company is on their own path to creating a more inclusive workplace. Whether that journey has just begun with the first steps taken to measuring inclusivity, or if it’s already well on the way with the prioritization of inclusion initiatives, our data shows that there’s plenty of work to do. For example, only 50% of women believe perspectives like theirs are included in the decision making at their company compared to 70% of men.

With the employee experience being far from equal, we’ve focused on making it even easier for companies to take action in order to create more inclusive workplaces.

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With recent updates, the Diversity & Inclusion survey now allows you to:

Uncover deeper insights in your intersectional workforce

Capture an even more granular view of the differing employee experience with progressive demographics covering gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and many more.

Prioritize where to act with the Inclusion benchmark for extra context

Understand your own results with the additional context provided by our global 2018 Inclusion benchmark. Use these insights to help shape your inclusion priorities.

Be inspired to drive change with built-in Inspirations

The Collective Intelligence of our global People Geek community provides actionable suggestions on how to make your workplace more inclusive. Guide your company on making improvements with these built-in inspirations from leading companies and research institutions.

As the Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Mozilla, Larissa Shapiro has been using the Culture Amp platform to support the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives for their 1,000-plus employees.

At Mozilla, inclusion is as important as diversity, and we believe in measuring our progress. Culture Amp helped us to create a numeric baseline for multiple dimensions of inclusion. Since the platform allows us to look at many demographics and identify gaps, it has proven to be an excellent measure. From this, we’ve been able to substantially narrow the gap in women’s versus men’s experiences on key questions of inclusion.

The Diversity & Inclusion survey is available on the Culture Amp platform, where it’s easy to collect, understand, and act on feedback across the entire employee experience.

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