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Measure workplace diversity and inclusion

Build a more
inclusive workplace

As part of Engagement, use the Diversity & Inclusion survey to understand how everyone feels about their workplace.

From measurement to insight. From insight to action.

Measure how inclusive your organization is

The Diversity & Inclusion Survey is research-backed, so you can understand the experience of everyone in your company. Built in partnership with Paradigm, it uncovers your blind spots and helps you focus.

Uncover insights with the right lens

Use demographic customization and heatmaps to highlight disparities between groups. Know whether underrepresented groups feel that decisions are fair, their voices are heard, whether they see opportunities for them and whether they feel a sense of belonging.

Compare how you’re doing

See how your results compare to other companies with the diversity and inclusion benchmark. Use the context of other companies’ performance to understand your results. And use the comparisons to shape your inclusion priorities.

"Benchmarks" feature for the Diversity and Inclusion survey

Be inspired to take action

Ensure your team is equipped to take action based on the applied experience of our most successful customers and research-driven recommendations. Plus get the support of our customer success and people science teams along the way.

"Inspirations" feature for the Diversity and Inclusion survey

Just beginning your Diversity & Inclusion journey?

Take the first step towards understanding Diversity & Inclusion at your organization.

What we’ve learned about diversity and inclusion in the workplace from hundreds of companies

The future is intersectional

Typically underrepresented populations are proportionately making up more of the workforce

The employee experience is not equal

Underrepresented groups experience company culture less positively than employees in a majority group

Inclusive decision-making is key

Being a part of the decision process, (i.e. “I am satisfied with how decisions are made”) has the strongest relationship to engagement

  • Brian Christman

    Etsy is a learning organization. Culture Amp helps us collect important, anonymous feedback about our employees’ experience at work.”

    Brian Christman

    Senior Vice President, People & Engagement at Etsy

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