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Toby Roger

Lead Product Marketing Manager, Culture Amp

At Culture Amp, we’ve helped 1,800+ companies around the world collect, understand, and act on their employee feedback. What’s inspiring about this experience is seeing these companies make lasting positive changes to their cultures. Companies like Credit Karma use the Culture Amp platform across the employee journey to ultimately deliver a better experience for their 85+ million members.

With Culture Amp, we’re able to see the impact of the actions that we take to help our business succeed.

— Lindsey CaplanDirector of Talent Development

To make it even easier for companies to take effective action on the insights from their employee feedback, we’re excited to share the following updates.

See changes in your company with trend reporting

Culture Amp’s new trend reporting allows you to tell the story of what’s happening in your company over time. See the impact of your actions on particular questions or factors. Learn more about trend reporting.

Get to where you’re going faster with redesigned navigation

We’ve spent time with many of our customers to understand how we can help you to get to where you need faster. Updates to the navigation help improve your wayfinding through the platform by aligning to how you progress from your surveys, reports, to action plans. The new navigation is now available in the platform.

Make it easy for everyone to take action with the Summary Report

For lasting change to take place, everyone in the company needs to have easy access to insights that matter and guidance on how to take action. With the Summary Report, managers can easily see how their scores compare, where they’re doing well, and where they should focus to take action. Learn more about the summary report.

Know how to take action with inspirations from thought leaders

When you know what you need to take action on, the next question is ‘how do I take action?’ Inspirations from a range of thought leaders are now available in the platform. We’ve partnered with Atlassian and their Team Playbook, Lindsey McGregor from Vega Factor, Argo Collective, Disco, and LifeLabs to provide tried and tested content that helps your company take action. Every company is unique, so we believe in offering a diverse range of inspirations to guide you on the best way to take action. These new additions join the library of inspirations that is continually enriched by the collective intelligence of our customers and growing People Geek community. Learn more about inspirations from thought leaders.

Get feedback on the actions you take with Action Feedback

Once you have taken action to address something in your organization, it’s now possible to ask your team for feedback on how effective that action was. This simple check-in can be used to close the feedback loop and to inform your approach going forward. Learn more about Action Feedback.

We’re excited to hear how these updates help you and your company move from insight to action. If you have any questions about any of these updates, contact

If you’d like a demo of the platform, we'd love to chat.

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