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Toby Roger

Lead Product Marketing Manager, Culture Amp

At Culture First we unveiled the new Foresight Engine to help companies of any size leverage machine learning technology to improve outcomes for their people. The new Foresight Engine predicts moments in the employee experience that lead to high performance and alerts leaders to turnover risks based on engagement and performance insights.

Guiding your people towards high performance

When tapping into the results from responses to onboarding surveys during an employee’s first month we can identify the early predictors of high performance.

InVision, a digital product design company, combined onboarding, engagement and performance data from multiple years to predict employee performance. “With Culture Amp’s Foresight Engine, we’re able to predict whether someone will be a high performer 30 days into their tenure. This insight allows us to intervene early to set them up for success,” said Mark Frein, Chief People Officer at InVision.

Employees who answered favorably to the question, “I am feeling productive,” in the onboarding survey were found to be 4.2 times more likely to become a high performer.

For the first time, we now understand the efficacy of our onboarding processes and can clearly show the ROI of investing in our employees early in their tenure.

Better retain your people and prevent regrettable turnover

By combining your company’s engagement and performance insights, Culture Amp’s turnover prediction taps into an even richer range of signals and can highlight your turnover risks based on performance ratings. In addition, the drivers of the turnover risk are also shown to help make this new foresight highly actionable to turn things around.

When taking into account job board advertising, interviewing, and onboarding a new employee, the costs can be as much as 200% of an employee’s annual salary—and even more so for your top performers who may have an outsized impact in your organization.

Powered by the richest collection of insights

The Foresight Engine is powered by a collection of algorithms trained on insights from more than 2,300 companies, 3 million employees, and 165 million data points. This dataset grows every minute and encompasses an ever-broadening employee journey to encompass onboarding, engagement, wellbeing, diversity & inclusion, and performance reviews.

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What’s next

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