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How important is it for employees to belong?

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Belonging isn’t a feeling we often discuss in a workplace context, but a report released by Culture Amp drawing on data from our Inclusion survey, created with Paradigm, suggests it’s a feeling we’re going to be talking about a lot more. 

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Intersectionality report shows that inclusion and belonging matter most. A feeling of belonging at a company, (i.e. “I feel like I belong at my company”) has the strongest relationship to engagement.

By analyzing the correlation of belonging, diversity and inclusion factors to employee engagement, Culture Amp discovers that belonging factors are more strongly and consistently correlated with employee engagement, especially for people from underrepresented groups.

Diversity remains important, and framing diversity and inclusion programs through the lens of belonging could make for more effective initiatives. Belonging is not a new concept in diversity and inclusion, and this is the second time we’ve found its connection with employee engagement within our data. 

For further reading, you can access the Diversity, Inclusion, and Intersectionality report or Culture Amp’s 6 Ways to Foster Belonging in the Workplace ebook.