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Mergers and acquisitions

Guide your people
through mergers and acquisitions

Uncertainty. Culture clash. Sudden increases or decreases in headcount. The growing pains of mergers and acquisitions can ripple through your organization for years.

Keep engagement and performance high through it all with Culture Amp.


  • 70-90%of mergers and acquisitions fail1

  • $200 millionaverage decrease in annual net income for M&As with cultural mismatches

  • 3 yearsto return to pre-merger engagement levels

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

Keep your people aligned and working towards a shared vision

Culture Amp captures and interprets insights from your employees, giving leaders and managers a better look at the big picture. So they can take data-driven action.

Unite your organization for the short and long term to improve the chances of your merger or acquisition’s success.

Listen. Act. Repeat.

During transitions, employees want to know that leadership is listening and taking action:

  • Help leadership see what employees think and feel with quick and easy surveys
  • See which challenges need your attention; then get recommended actions to solve them

Set your organization up for long-term success

Get everyone aligned and committed to your organization’s success:

  • Create clarity around goals and strategy with goal alignment and performance evaluation templates
  • Provide a clear path to career growth by supporting employees with skill-boosting developmental resources

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