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Culture, Lifecycle, Pulse and Specialized Employee Surveys — all on one simple and easy-to-use platform.

Culture Amp makes it easy for you to design and launch surveys that are informed by the latest research in psychology and data science. The result is reliable, fast results with succinct reports to shape the future of your company. Take a look at our full list of standard and add-on features.

Culture Surveys

Track the development of your culture with engagement, identity and growth and sustainability surveys. Understand the levers to increase engagement, retention and productivity at your company.

➢ Want to see how Culture Amp looks? Take a look at our template Engagement survey or book a tour of Culture Amp with one of our people geeks.

Culture Survey

Lifecycle Surveys

We all know that people have different perceptions, expectations and engagement levels as they spend more time at your company. Understand what’s really on their minds as they transition from candidates, through onboarding and exit. Data for workplace milestones has never been so simple and easy to collect and interpret - allowing you to make important decisions faster, using reliable analytics.

➢ Want to see how Culture Amp looks? Take a look at our template exit survey or see the analytics at work in our interactive demo.

Culture Survey

Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys are the perfect approach to understanding if and how the actions you take to improve engagement work. A pulse survey is usually shorter than an engagement survey and can be deployed to the whole company, or a smaller group of people. For ongoing feedback, you can also use Continuous Mode where all or some of your employees are polled on a regular basis.

➢ Want to see how Culture Amp looks? Take a look at our interactive demo.

Continuous Pulse Surveys

Specialized Surveys and More

Specialized surveys cover all the other important events and milestones that directly influence the culture of your organization. Gather feedback on experiences beyond typical employee events: office moves, restructures, training sessions, change management, volunteer opportunities and more.


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