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Rapid growth

Guide your culture through rapid growth

With Culture Amp, you can quickly identify what matters.

Move to action and adapt to your growing company’s needs


  • #1Obstacle to growth for CEOs is finding and keeping good people

  • 5xHigh-growth companies offer a return to shareholders 5x greater than medium-growth companies1

  • 56%is the average YOY growth rate for fast growth SaaS companies

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

Show leadership the power of strategic, data-driven HR

Culture Amp’s powerful analytics give you crucial insights into what’s going on with your people.

Combine engagement and performance data to understand culture-defining moments in your employee lifecycle – like onboarding & exits, promotions and re-organizations.

Keep your employees engaged

Culture Amp helps you make sense of your employee data.

  • Quick and easy onboarding surveys show how your organization is changing
  • Engagement & Diversity and Inclusion surveys show you what’s going well and what isn’t
  • Get recommended actions you can take to improve your employee experience

Grow into a culture of high performance

Develop your people through growth periods:

  • Get guidance from our People Science team & the People Geek community
  • Gain the flexibility of performance management that grows with you, from goal-setting to reviews and beyond
  • Give managers the structure, process and tools they need to develop their teams — even through times of change

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Build a world-class employee experience today

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