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Developing a culture through belonging

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Mercy Health

Reducing the likelihood of negative patient outcomes

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Creating a high-performance culture

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Attracting talent by focusing on the employee experience

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Auto Trader

Transitioning from print to digital and improving company performance

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Tapping into employee feedback to ensure a successful merge

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I love the fact that the tool enables me to keep what we want to benchmark over time and pulls things in and out that I’m using across a range of people culture activities.

Dr. Amanda Green

General Manager of People, Culture & Performance, Richmond Football Club

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Enhancing credibility and executive leadership buy-in

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Managing culture during leadership change

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Building a culture of feedback and communication at scale

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One Medical

Understanding burnout prevention and encouraging employee wellbeing

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Inclusion at Box

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Palo Alto Networks

Nurturing culture over a decade of fast growth

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I think some of our executives find it funny that I always say this, but whenever I’m asking for something I can now say, ‘as you’ve seen in our most recent engagement survey, X, Y, and Z.’ It’s really become a powerful tool for me as an HR leader to have this data at my fingertips, to build a business case.

Emily Holland White

Senior Director of Talent and Culture, Optoro

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Wikimedia Foundation

Rapidly Increasing employee engagement by involving employees and focusing on leadership

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Developing managers, retaining new hires and increasing employee engagement.

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Credit Karma

Scaling company culture through rapid growth

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Using survey data to support a feedback-driven culture

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The Motley Fool

Embracing employee feedback to redesign The Motley Fool’s organizational structure

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Investing in putting culture first with employee feedback

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We are involving surveys in different moments that are important to us as an organization: measuring engagement, providing team members with a tool to provide feedback to their managers on how they are doing. That’s something that we’ve never had before.

Mariana Payra

Director of Talent Development, Infragistics

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Empowering managers and increasing sales

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REA Group

Strengthening REA’s employer brand with a focus on learning and giving back

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Ensuring employees feel heard during a transition period

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Empowering employees and managers to drive learning and development

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Richmond Football Club

Building empathy and enhancing communication between players and people in other roles

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Aligned Leisure

Measuring a successful transition to new management with engagement surveys

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There is data that makes the link between bottom line results and engagement. There was a clear business case as far as the managers were concerned as to why we were doing the survey.

Elaine Glass

Director of Human Resources, JacTravel

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Nurturing company culture across regional offices

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Creating a motivating vision and delivering board-level engagement results

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Herron Todd White

Building a business case for investment in learning and development

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Getting everyone involved to improve communication

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Communicating a vision that motivates employees following an acquisition

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Understanding the experiences and needs of volunteers

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I’m so grateful that we as a company are supported and enabled by tools like Culture Amp, because it makes it easier to look after people. We need to know what’s important to people, what matters to them and that’s where Culture Amp works at scale.

Michael Ellis

Head of Culture, Vinomofo

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Empowering an employee task force to improve engagement

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Reconnecting employees with Overdrive’s purpose and progress

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Fostering cross-team collaboration following an acquisition

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A commitment to corporate social responsibility drives employee engagement

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Delivering a better client experience with project team health checks

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