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11 tips for writing great employee survey questions
Lexi Croswell, author

Lexi Croswell

Writer, Culture Amp

We work with a lot of companies that leverage employee engagement surveys to track how engaged employees are, what the key drivers to their engagement are and to quickly identify areas within the organization that might need some TLC. Employee engagement starts the first time a person interacts with your company as a job candidate. So, it's important to capture data about employees throughout the entire lifecycle. For example, what was their candidate experience like, how about onboarding? 

While many organizations capture this data in some form or fashion, we find usually it’s pretty ad-hoc. There often isn’t a way to look at data from a trends perspective to see what’s happening over time. Because of this, the insights gleaned tend to be more anecdotal. You’ll get a great piece of insight, but without the context of a larger pool, it doesn’t become actionable.

What we typically see is that the primary HR team is the first to adopt employee surveys, but we are starting to see recruiting teams leading the charge. They are trying to improve how they reach potential candidates, and also how they impress candidates throughout the interview process.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, culture is what drives your competitiveness in the marketplace. The process of recruiting new employees is one step in building and delivering on that culture.

Here are some sample questions for candidate experience surveys:

  • How many people did you already know that work here (multiple choice)
  • What attracted you most to [Your company’s name]? (chose 3)
  • The recruitment team was professional and well organized
  • I understood [Your company’s name] vision and direction
  • I enjoyed my interactions and conversations with my interviewees

Some free text questions like:

  • Were there specific questions you think we should have asked?
  • What did you like most about [Your company’s name here]?

Building the right candidate/new hire survey for your organization can start to surface feedback to help you improve that overall employee experience. When new hires are setup for success, they're more likely to remain successful throughout their tenure at your organization.

With Culture Amp, on and off-board employee surveys are available to help teams visualize trends and potential issues.

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