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Employee retention guide

Mapping your employee experience

The “quit rate” across organizations is now 4 million employees per month—the highest it’s ever been.

The employee experience is made up of a collection of touch-points that are difficult to identify and measure. Learn how to prioritize and amplify the make-it-or-break-it moments for employees—by mapping the employee experience from start to finish.

Leverage this guide to drive meaningful conversations about improving the employee experience across the organization.

Download this guide to get:

illustration of various floating shapes and objects with a magnifying glass showing a smiley face on a ball

An overview of how to map the employee journey from start to finish.

Illustration of a person writing in a notebook while another person is gesturing a thumbs up

Step-by-step worksheets for identifying key moments for your organization.

Illustration of two hands with a green pyramid and and purple cube floating above

Guidance on prioritizing organizational values and high-impact actions.

A guide to mapping your employee experience

Improve your employee experience today

Boost employee retention by identifying and amplifying the make-it-or-break-it moments that matter most in the employee journey.