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MYOB is the leading provider of business management solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Though the company started back in 1991 in just a home office, it now helps over one million small to medium-sized businesses. They employ around 1,200 team members, have more than 50 products and services and a network of 40,000 accountants, bookkeepers and other professional partners.

At MYOB, the core value proposition to employees is “your work matters.” People that come to the company actually want to make a difference, says Nicole Simona, Senior Organizational Capability Consultant at MYOB.

“You come to MYOB because you can actually have an impact on this organization,” says Simona, “We're not overly hierarchical or political. You can have an impact in your role and an impact on this organization. That's why I think people want to come work here - they know that ‘Yes, my role does matter.’  The exec team are visible - you can talk to them, and things can happen quickly. You can go and have those conversations that you need to have and then things happen. It makes people’s jobs a lot more enjoyable and the impact you have is tangible. That's really exciting and empowering.”

When it comes to other benefits, the company has recently won several awards for learning and development. They offer flexible work schedules, parental leave, and recognition rewards.

“We are working on career mapping, which will allow us to plot out all the roles in the organization and then let people know the skills and competencies they need to better fulfill that role. Then they will see where that role sits in the organization,” says Simona, adding, “It's about giving people the information that they need to be able to see what career paths are available. Also, we're partnered with the school of life to offer life learning, not just learning for your role. That's something that's had a massive impact on our culture and it's one of the benefits of working here. We also have other benefits in which we've partnered with different organizations to get them discounts through banking, superannuation, insurances, and through Apple products.”

Over recent years, the company has been actively interested in measuring and improving their culture and employee engagement. Simona says they had used a couple of survey tools but switched to Culture Amp in 2015.

“For the last five years we have been measuring engagement and designing and implementing initiatives to improve our culture and engagement,” says Simona. She continues, describing the tools they used before Culture Amp, “The experience hadn't been the best. It hadn't been great in terms of us communicating and being able to analyze the results. The actual team member experience wasn't great in terms of completing the survey and giving us feedback. The results weren't always accurate and it took a long time to get them back from the organization we were using. By the time we actually got it, it was old data, and the opportunity to act was missed. Sometimes it would take eight weeks for us to get it back. You are talking sometimes two to three months before people actually hear the results from survey and at that time it's too late and it's from old data.”

Simona says they were also only measuring engagement once a year, which left little time to build an approach, test it and learn if it was working. So they decided to look for something else.

“We looked at several options and were just blown away by the Culture Amp tool,” she says. “I think for me personally it was the focus that the tool had on the end user experience. Which was so different from what we had previously. It wasn't about the HR team's experience - well I guess it is easy for the HR team as well -  but it wasn't about the process or for an HR team. It was about the experience for the managers, the experience for the team members completing the survey and giving feedback. I really like that approach. That is something that stood out for me and I just thought the tool was so current. We had looked at different tools and they just looked clunky and old. It’s simple and easy to use. It was intuitive and the dashboards that the managers get are simple to interpret and action - the feedback has been so positive.”

Simona continues, “I guess when we saw it, it was almost like night and day to what we had previously and now that we've rolled out one survey - the feedback has been just been amazing and we have been able to take action so much quicker because we had the data straight away. Everything feels current and relevant and also, as a result, it has changed our annual approach. We are now measuring engagement and asking for feedback three times a year.”

As MYOB continues to grow and innovate, they are looking at people priorities. Continuous feedback and employee experience are high on the list, currently.

“One of the areas that we want to change is around being able to give feedback in a way that is agile,” says Simona. “We are looking at agile performance management this year and changing the way in which we have conversations, manage and deal with feedback so it is more fluid and less structurally rigid and time-bound. That will have a massive impact on our culture if we get it right and it is one of our focus areas for 2016.”

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