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The employee experience platform

Traditionally, HR software has been focused on helping the company succeed. Our platform challenged that traditional thinking to help over 2,000 customers act on employees' feedback and use manager and team effectiveness tools to build culture first companies.

Leading the culture first movement includes challenging our status quo, so we decided we could do even more. With the deeply rooted belief that a company is nothing but the sum of its people, we set up to elevate our offering to include a solution that empowers employees to achieve their potential.

That vision and resolve guided us through a process with a significant milestone: today, we’re proud to announce that Culture Amp has acquired award-winning performance management firm, Zugata.

The changing landscape of employee performance and employee engagement

Historically, performance reviews have had some strong opponents. There are countless articles condemning the performance review, many with dramatic claims like “Performance Reviews are Dead” and “Performance Reviews Are Pointless And Insulting.” The Harvard Business Review decrees, “Let’s Not Kill Performance Evaluations Yet” - and we agree.

Traditional performance reviews may be flawed, but people crave developmental feedback and an environment that enables them to do their best work.

Like performance reviews, employee engagement has opponents that would dismiss it as a buzzword - likened to employee happiness or satisfaction. However, we know that employee engagement is more than that. It represents the levels of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organization. It's a measure of how motivated people are to put in extra effort for their organization and a sign of how committed they are to stay there.

Employee engagement is an outcome that depends on an organization's actions, particularly those driven by leadership, managers, and people teams. Culture Amp research has shown that companies with higher employee engagement get better ROI. Understanding what drives employee engagement in a company’s unique context allows them to take action to create better ROI and company culture.

Employee performance and employee engagement - better together

If someone is not engaged at work, they’re unlikely to perform to their potential. Culture first companies know it’s not just about measuring engagement and giving out performance ratings. We must connect the dots to enable people to be engaged and do their best work. At Culture Amp, we’re proponents of ongoing performance development and taking an informed approach to improving employee engagement.

With well-rounded data from the individual and organizational levels, you can create a culture of feedback that fuels both company and individual growth. Culture Amp now has individual and organizational feedback for over 3,000 organizations which enables us to strengthen our collective intelligence for companies of all sizes and industries.

We believe that creating positive change in organizations requires creating positive change in individuals. For the first time, leaders will be able to combine individual, team, and organizational feedback to not only identify high performers, but also to pinpoint what is driving this performance, how it impacts their teams, and how to replicate this across the rest of the organization.

Culture Amp is now the world’s first complete solution for employee feedback and performance.

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