Scaling Culture, with Ambrosia Vertesi

In this episode, Damon Klotz sits down with Ambrosia Vertesi, co-founder of HR Open Source and former Vice President of People at Duo Security, to discuss the why and the how of scaling culture.

Numerous organizations face a common dilemma: how to maintain their foundational culture and values while experiencing tremendous growth.

Ambrosia shares many of the lessons she learned during her time at Hootsuite and Duo Security and gives us insight on how to support managers during big company changes. 

Later in the episode, Molly Graham, Co-Founder of &Then, invites us to dive deeper into what it actually means to “give away legos”, and the vital role that humility plays during fast growth.

Lastly, we get to hear from Chloe Sesta Jacobs. Chloe is Head of People and Culture at Deputy, a scheduling software company that is experiencing tremendous growth.