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Help your team set, track and achieve their goals

Preview of goal setting and OKR software within the performance management product

Use science-backed tools to turn business objectives into motivating employee goals, creating a culture of proactive goal tracking.

Flexible goal setting

Align employee goals with business objectives

Customize our flexible goal structure to seamlessly align with your organization’s unique objectives.

Streamline the management of goal visibility, empower teams, and extract actionable insights with our robust reporting capabilities

Align employee goals with business objectives
Goal tracking

Empower your teams to set and achieve motivating goals

Leveraging science-backed guidance, Culture Amp empowers your people to refine their objectives into precise, impactful, and measurable goals.

Integrated nudges cultivate a culture dedicated to hitting goals by delivering support at each phase of the journey.

Empower your teams to set and achieve motivating goals
Goal alignment

Equip leaders with valuable, actionable insights

Ensure your leaders have the real-time goal progress visibility they need to proactively identify risks, make informed decisions, and drive success in your organization.

Equip leaders with valuable,  actionable insights

The impact of Culture Amp

High-performance culture leads to:


  • 1.5%Increase in employee profitability

  • 20%Increase in manager & HR team productivity

  • 5%Decrease in attrition & costs

  • Mandy Rutherford

    Culture Amp aligns corporate and employees’ goals, so people know how their work drives strategy. And using Calibrations ensures HR decisions are fair.”

    Mandy Rutherford

    L&D Manager at Wave Utilities

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Skills Coach

Help managers improve their leadership skills with daily exercises.

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Build deeper connections, increase alignment, and drive performance.

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Continuous feedback

Simplify feedback with smart suggestions, powered by machine learning.

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Performance reviews

Run easier, fairer reviews with automatic feedback collection and calibrations.

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performance tipsheet cover


Goal setting for agile teams

Unlock the potential of agile teamwork by creating cascading goals that enhance transparency, foster collaboration, drive continuous performance, and more.

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A framework for employee performance goals (with examples)


A framework for employee performance goals (with examples)

Want to motivate and engage the workplace? Here's a framework for encouraging goal setting, as well as useful examples of employee performance goals.

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Two people looking at a laptop as two other people in the background talk


How to use OKRs to tie individual goals to business success

Increase organizational alignment, workplace agility, and employee motivation by using OKRs to tie individual goals up to top-level business success.

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Podcast episode

How to hold onto your high performing employees, with Fresia Jackson

In this episode of the Culture First Podcast, we are returning to the data to bring you the latest in employee experience research. In part two of our data exploration, we are looking at a specific study that was just completed by our data and research team on the relationship between engagement and performance.

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