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Goal setting

The smarter way to
create and manage goals

We’ve made it easier for leaders, teams, and individuals to set, track, and align OKRs for greater clarity and faster results.

Intuitive and powerful

Our user-friendly, science-backed platform makes creating, tracking, and updating goals easy for everyone.

Ensure that results and feedback are shared with the right people, and that individual and team OKRs consistently align with bigger picture goals.

Agile goal management

Work where your teams work. Dynamic goal management helps cross-functional teams move faster and achieve more.

Get the flexibility you need to meet the different needs of everyone in your organization.

Improve visibility

Ensure your workplace has greater transparency around company goals. Give your team members clarity when setting expectations to enhance their collaboration and decision-making skills, as well as their sense of purpose in your organization.

Don’t crunch the numbers – connect the dots

Engagement. Development. Performance. Growth. Retention. They’re absolutely vital to business, but spreadsheets won’t tell you the full story. Ready to go deeper?

See the Culture Amp platform

The complete performance management solution

Manager-requested feedback

Get feedback on your direct reports to inform assessment.

Performance reviews

Customize evaluation templates to ensure consistency and mitigate unconscious bias.


Ask people to reflect on their contributions and aspirations.

  • Myke Mansberger

    By having a really strong continuous feedback loop through performance management, we’ve had more opportunities to recognize performance... that keeps employees feeling fulfilled and engaged.”

    Myke Mansberger

    Vice President, Head of People at Bombas

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

All in the one platform

Understand your employees

Listen to employee feedback so you can make the best decisions to drive impactful change in your organization.

Build high-performing teams

Create a culture of high-performance by enabling meaningful conversations and continuous development.

Develop your people

Prioritize growth and development to help managers become leaders and employees reach their full potential.

Build a world-class employee experience today

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