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Employee engagement

Understand your employees

Make better decisions and drive meaningful change by understanding your people.

6,000+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

Ready‑to‑use surveys

Access 30+ science-backed and customizable survey templates

We’ve got you covered – understand engagement, the onboarding and exit experience, Diversity and Inclusion, and more. Plus, customize surveys depending on your needs.

Access 30+ science-backed and ~~customizable~~ survey templates
Focus areas

Identify opportunities for immediate action

Pinpoint, prioritize, and take action on the highest impact areas using our survey focus agent.

Identify ~~opportunities~~ for immediate action

Tap into inspiration that drives meaningful action

Drive key change faster with real‑world tested action plans from industry experts and leading organizations.

Tap into ~~inspiration~~ that drives meaningful action
Turnover prediction

Retain your best people with predictive insights

Get ahead of attrition and keep your top talent – our algorithms combine engagement and performance data to show you who’s at risk of leaving and why.

Retain your best ~~people~~ with predictive insights
Leader reports

Empower your department leads and managers with crucial insights

Support your leaders with clear focus areas and tie company results to individual improvement via customized, intuitive reporting.

Empower your department leads and managers with ~~crucial~~ insights
Powerful analytics

Action powerful insights across key touchpoints in the employee experience

Turn insights into high‑impact actions by uncovering the crucial relationship between your organization’s performance and engagement.

Action ~~powerful~~ insights across key touchpoints in the employee experience
  • “What matters most is having a finger on the pulse and making sure you are constantly caring for your culture. And Culture Amp makes that really easy to do.”

    Melissa Del Broccolo

    Vice President of Talent Management at KIND

High performance starts with a culture first approach

Employee engagement, performance, and development all in one platform. Ready to learn more?

See the platform

Build a world-class employee experience today

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