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Culture Amp

Employee wellbeing survey

Develop a culture
of wellbeing.

A culture of wellbeing is no longer a nice to have — it’s a must-have. To attract and retain talent, our workplaces need to reflect an environment where people can thrive, not just survive.
Culture Amp can help you measure employee wellbeing, identify what different groups need, and help you take action so your people can be healthier, happier, and more productive.

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

The Culture Amp difference

Developed with industry experts

We partnered with leading wellbeing researchers, Work on Wellbeing, to develop a survey that holistically assesses employee wellbeing. Our survey is inspired by positive psychology and the latest research on flow and building resilience.

A holistic approach

Wellbeing is more than gym memberships and yoga. Our survey allows you to assess wellbeing from a leadership, cultural, managerial, individual, and program perspective so you can unlock insight that will help your people thrive.

Design a program people love

We’ll highlight the most powerful insights across departments and roles, so you know where to focus.

All of your insights in one place

With Culture Amp, your wellbeing, onboarding surveys, company-wide engagement, and 360° feedback is all in one platform.

Your guide to wellbeing

In this guide, you’ll discover how to develop a wellbeing strategy and overcome the challenges of implementing your program.

Build a world-class employee experience today