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Fresia Jackson

Lead Research People Scientist, Culture Amp

Fresia is a Lead Research People Scientist at Culture Amp. Bringing her I/O Psychology background (M.S.) to the Research team to identify research projects, determine hypotheses, oversee the data analysis, interpret results, and ensure those insights get into the hands of campers and our community.

She joined Culture Amp in June of 2016 and has had many roles in the organization -–spending the first 2 1/2 years of her tenure consulting for Bay Area companies (Slack, Lyft, Airbnb), the following 2 taking what she had learned and turning it into on-demand courses on She now works in the product team.

Fresia regularly writes about insights from our data in the Culture Amp blog, and is an experienced speaker and facilitator. Topics include the usual suspects (i.e., engagement and employee experience) as well as work habits and productivity, the science of learning, and team effectiveness.

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