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How Culture Amp is taking action to support reproductive rights
Aubrey Blanche

Aubrey Blanche

Senior Director of People Operations and Strategic Programs, Culture Amp

Culture Amp's mission is to build a better world of work, and ensuring the rights of all people to participate equally in the broader world is a core part of that mission. With the fundamental right to bodily autonomy under attack in the United States, it’s critical for us to take decisive action to support our employees and the broader community.

Speaking out

First, we lean on one of our core values: “Amplify others.” We believe that amplifying others is about empathy, connectedness, and mutual support. As a company, we recognize the power of collective action in supporting the most marginalized members of our communities. That’s why we’ve joined our peers and many of our customers in signing the Don’t Ban Equality pledge, lending our voice to the chorus calling for direct access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, for all people who are in need of it.

Opening access

Culture Amp also recognizes that it is crucial to provide direct access where possible. Our values tell us to “trust others to own decisions,” and one of the most intimate and personal decisions anyone will face is the decision of whether and when to have children.

To that end, we have introduced a benefit that makes abortion services more accessible to employees who need them, starting this month. While the health plans we offer cover the procedure, we recognize that many are not able to access this necessary form of care due to state-specific laws and restrictions. This new benefit will enable employees to receive up to $2,000 in reimbursements for travel and associated expenses.

Implementing with care

Ensuring privacy, safety, and financial feasibility are as important as providing greater access to healthcare. Culture Amp is working with our partners and peers to consider how we:

  • Minimize the disclosure of information in the reimbursement process, especially within the context of the manager-employee relationship
  • Ensure that this information – and our employees – are protected when accessing abortion-related services
  • Identify and communicate any tax implications of the benefit
  • Evolve our practices in the event that additional laws further restrict access.

We will provide updates and share what we’ve learned as we begin defining answers to these questions and continue working towards developing better (and eventually best) practices in this space.

Turning our commitments into action

Every person – regardless of which state they live in – deserves bodily autonomy and equal access to healthcare. Over the years, we have made strong and transparent commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), racial justice, and sustainability. Providing this benefit is just one of the ways we are striving to make our values a lived reality.

Join us in taking action by signing the Don’t Ban Equality pledge.

What’s next

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