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Susan David on why work feels harder than ever and how understanding emotional agility will help.

Susan David

Are you stressed? Or could you get benefit from getting a little more specific and looking within to see if something else happening? Maybe you feel disappointed, or unsupported, or exhausted?

Damon's guest today is Award-winning psychologist Susan David, and in this episode she'll break down why getting specific with our emotions activates our readiness potential, allowing us to move forward and have the necessary conversations about why work can sometimes feel really hard.

As one of the world’s leading management thinkers, Susan won the management idea of the year when she expertly defined emotional agility. Her book Emotional Agility went on to be a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller and winner of an Amazon Best Books of the Year Award. With more than 11 million views, Susan’s TED Talk, The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage, was named one of the most popular talks of the year.

Right when the world needs it most, Susan and Damon discuss emotions, how we process them, how we handle them, how they show up in the workplace and then they narrow in on how to create space between ourselves and our emotions in order to take action and move forward.

At the heart of this conversation is a quest to figure out why we have normalised the idea that while emotions are foundational to our experience as a human, they are still misunderstood or sometimes even excluded from our experience at work.

This conversation will sharpen your emotional agility and help you learn how to see your emotions as helpful data points that signpost our deepest needs and values.

If you're craving a healthier relationship with your emotions and the emotions of others this episode will help!

Show notes:

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Susan has generously offered all Culture First listeners free access to the Emotional Agility Quiz: Join over 140,000 people who have taken the free Emotional Agility Quiz. The quiz takes just 5 minutes to complete. You'll receive a free 10-page personalized report offering specific strategies to help you become more Emotionally Agile.

She has also offered our listeners the Emotional Agility Pyramid and How to Get Unstuck resources.

Listen to Checking In with Susan David created in partnership with TED and which focuses on coping with our heightened emotions brought on by the pandemic and its aftermath.