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Oliver Burkeman - Designing an employee experience for mortals

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Have you ever caught yourself saying “Once I’ve achieved this, I’ll have time for that” or “I would love to, but I’m just too busy’?

Yes? Same!

Our relationship with time and the perpetual quest for control can lead us to feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

Enter Oliver Burkeman, the author of "4000 Weeks: Time Management for Mortals." In his book, Burkeman delves into the profound concept of our mortality and how it shapes our perspective on time.

The conversation Damon and Oliver have in this episode will help you make better decisions with your time not only at work, but in your personal life, too.

Discussions about subjects that straddle both realms are not only refreshing, they’re essential in a world where our work and our lives are overlapping more than ever.

Five key concepts to listen out for are:

  • Embracing your limitations.
  • The idea of waiting for perfect control.
  • How to be aware of the productivity trap.
  • The joy of seeking novelty in the mundane.
  • And did the term ‘strategic underachievement,’ as coined by Oliver, lay the foundations for the quiet quitting trend?

As usual, this episode is packed full of actionable takeaways for everyone looking to build a culture first workplace.

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