A seat at the table, with Minda Harts

In this episode, Damon sits down with Minda Harts, founder of The Memo, and author of the book by the same name. Minda has dedicated her life’s work to supporting the career development of women of color. Listen below to learn Minda’s approach to improving workplace inclusivity.

In the modern business landscape, everyone seems to be vying for a seat at the proverbial leadership table. However, Minda suggests it might be time to throw out the old table and build a new one designed to include a wider range of voices. Together, Damon and Minda explore ways to amplify the voices of diverse employees.

We then hear from Lindsay Kaplan, Co-Founder of Chief, a private community created to connect and support women leaders.

Lindsay shares the importance of creating a space for authenticity and vulnerability within a community of leaders.

Watch Chief featured on the TODAY show.

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