The resilience playbook for leaders, with Tania Luna

In this episode, Damon meets with Tania Luna, Co-CEO of LifeLabs Learning, whose work revolves around learning, psychology, and surprise. Together, they shine a light on the opportunity leaders have to make a time of crisis their finest hour by being nimble and adaptive.

In times of crisis, the environment we operate in changes the norms we are used to. When volatility and uncertainty are at their peak, we need different tools than the ones used when things are predictable, consistent and clear.

LifeLabs has a playbook to help leaders manage anxiety and increase resilience across organizations. Damon and Tania touch on the resources outlined in the playbook and discuss how we can recover and thrive in the midst of uncertainty.

Resources mentioned in the episode:
Resilience in the Workplace
People Leader Resilience Playbook

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