Create a culture of high-performance

Truly develop your people with performance reviews, goal tracking, continuous development, and 360s.

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Calibrate effectively

Assess employee performance holistically across your company. Tailor reporting to your exact specifications by filtering evaluation data based on departments, levels, and other criteria for effective calibration meetings.

Manage a skills inventory

Know the skills of a top performer to drive success throughout the company. Get a clear understanding of skills at the team and organizational level to help with strategic talent planning and L&D programs.

Set and manage agile goals

Get everyone on the same page by setting and managing personal goals. Set and track goal progress, associate them with department objectives, and leave comments or flag blockers that require attention.

Culture Amp is an intelligent and creative hybrid of the most progressive peer-to-peer feedback approaches with a strong backbone of solid performance management.

Mark Frein

Chief People Officer at InVision