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The Employee Experience Platform | Culture Amp

Developmental feedback

Empower people to drive
their own development

Action-oriented 180° and 360° feedback for managers, individuals and teams.

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

Request and offer constructive feedback

Create opportunities for reflection and feedback at every employee milestone. Fuel rich one-on-one conversations with honest and reliable feedback.

Know where to focus

Intuitive reporting highlights strengths and areas for improvement. Individuals, managers, and teams can easily identify development opportunities and understand how improvements will benefit them and their organization.

Drive learning and development

Frame coaching discussions, review feedback and collaborate with individuals, managers, and teams. Shape a learning and development program that works.

Don’t crunch the numbers – connect the dots

Engagement. Development. Performance. Growth. Retention. They’re absolutely vital to business, but spreadsheets won’t tell you the full story. Ready to go deeper?

See the Culture Amp platform

Why Culture Amp?

Best of breed platform

Connect the dots across the employee experience to predict what’s going to happen next.

Drive behavorial change

Enable your people to take control of their own development with a platform that’s easy for everyone to use.

Powered by collective intelligence

Tap into what’s working in practice for over 6,500+ innovative companies who put culture first.

  • Myke Mansberger

    By having a really strong continuous feedback loop through performance management, we’ve had more opportunities to recognize performance... that keeps employees feeling fulfilled and engaged.”

    Myke Mansberger

    Vice President, Head of People at Bombas

All-in-one platform

illustration of a hand holding a microphone

Know what drives your people

Understand engagement and boost retention with flexible templates, proven action plans, and key insights.

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Build high-performing teams

Create a culture of high performance by enabling meaningful conversations and focusing on growth.

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Develop your people

Keep your people motivated and your business growing with development that aligns with business strategy.

Build a world-class employee experience today

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