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Culture Amp

Employee Engagement Solution

Understand and boost engagement

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Increase retention, boost engagement, and drive meaningful change with powerful insights and tools from Culture Amp’s employee engagement solution.

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

Reduce turnover, save time, and achieve your business goals by investing in employee engagement


  • 10%higher customer satisfaction score compared to less engaged companies

  • 700 hourssaved every 6 months on reviewing results and making recommendations

  • 6.7%higher stock price growth when companies have highly engaged employees

  • 35%less likely to leave the organization when employees participate in regular 1-on-1s

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Powerful insights for leaders

Empower your leaders to retain and engage their people with clear focus areas. Plus, see action plans that have worked for companies like yours.

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Data you can trust

Deploy science-backed employee surveys to get accurate data that helps you prioritize the right programs and prove impact against robust benchmarks.

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One connected, easy-to-use solution

Make engagement effortless with HRIS and work tools integrations, automated feedback, and an intuitive interface built to drive participation.

Get the visibility you need to make strategic decisions

Ready-to-use surveys

Access 40+ science-backed and customizable survey templates

From engagement to belonging and inclusion, employee onboarding to exit, event-based pulse surveys and beyond – our tools and solutions have you covered.

Access 40+ ~~science-backed~~ and customizable survey templates
AI powered analytics

Comment summaries, powered by AI and underpinned by people science

Instant, secure and accurate summaries of the topics that matter most. Giving you actionable insights to inform your business-critical decision-making - all without the heavy lifting.

Comment summaries, ~~powered by AI~~ and underpinned by people science
Retention insights

Stop turnover before it’s too late

Get the earliest turnover warning signals with Retention Insights, so you can take data-driven action to keep your most valuable people before it’s too late.

Stop ~~turnover~~ before it’s too late
Focus areas

Identify where you can make an impact

Focus Agent analyzes your employee engagement feedback results to pinpoint where you should take action to make the biggest impact at your company.

Identify where you can make an ~~impact~~
Proven action plans

Access learnings from industry-leading companies

Do more than understand your results – act on them with proven action plans from leading companies who have overcome similar challenges.

Access ~~learnings~~ from industry-leading companies

Understand your impact against market-leading benchmarks

Focus your efforts with industry-leading benchmarks that include over 1 billion survey responses across different regions, segments, and industries.

Understand your ~~impact~~ against market-leading benchmarks

Explore our partner ecosystem

Whether you’re outfitting your HR department with a new tech stack, or looking for strategic consulting, our partner ecosystem connects you with the right solutions.

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