Cookie Policy

Last updated: April 29, 2019

This Cookie Policy (Policy) provides detailed information about how and when we use cookies on our Websites. In this Policy, a reference to:

  • Culture Ampweus or our means Culture Amp Pty Ltd (ACN 138 600 987) of Level 2, 29 Stewart St, Richmond, Vic, 3121, Australia, and any of its related bodies corporate; and
  • Websites mean, collectively, as well as the other websites or web applications that the Culture Amp operates and that link to this Policy.

Does Culture Amp use cookies?

Yes. Culture Amp and our marketing partners, affiliates, and analytics or service providers use cookies and other technologies to ensure everyone who uses the Websites has the best possible experience.

Cookies are small bits of data we store on the device (computer, mobile phone, tablet or any other mobile device) that you use to access any of the Websites, so we can recognize repeat users. Each cookie expires after a certain period of time depending on what we use it for.

By using our Websites, you expressly consent to the use of cookies as described on this page as well as in our Privacy Policy.

What types of cookies does Culture Amp use?

Below we list the different types of cookies that may be used on our Websites. We periodically update this Policy to provide more information on the cookies used on each of our Websites, so there may be additional cookies or information not currently included in our list.

Our Websites use both 1st party cookies (which are set by the Websites being visited) and 3rd party cookies (which are set by a server located outside the domain of our Websites).

Required or essential cookies

Certain cookies are necessary for the Websites to operate correctly and/or to authenticate you. When you log on to our Websites, authentication cookies let us know who you are during a browsing session.

Functionality and preference cookies

These cookies are used to enable certain additional functionality on our Websites, such as storing your preferences (for example, username and language selection) and preventing users from taking the same survey multiple times. This functionality improves user experience by allowing us to remember language or other local settings and customize the Websites accordingly.

We also use web beacons for email communications, allowing us to send email messages in a format which users can read, as well as let us know whether emails have been opened. We may use this information to ensure that we are sending only messages that are of interest to our users, to learn more about user behavioror to reduce or eliminate messages sent to a user.

Social media cookies

Social media cookies collect information about social media usage, for example, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Analytics cookies

These cookies collect information about your use of the Websites and enable us to improve the way they work. For example, analytics cookies show us which are the most frequently visited pages on the Websites, help us record any difficulties you have with our Websites, and show us whether our advertising is effective or not. This allows us to see the overall patterns of usage on our Websites, rather than the usage of a single person. We use the information to analyze our Website traffic.

Analytics cookies may also transfer analytics information to third parties where required to do so by law, or where such third parties process analytics information on our behalf. Each analytics service’s ability to use and share analytics information is restricted by such analytics service’s terms of use and privacy policy.

Targeting or advertising cookies

We may use cookies to market Culture Amp services to you on third party websites. For example, if you visit our Websites, you may then see an advertisement for Culture Amp services on certain third-party websites you visit in the future.

We sometimes use cookies delivered by third parties to track the performance of our advertisements. For example, these cookies remember which browsers have visited our websites. The information provided to third parties does not include personal information, but this information may be re-associated with personal information after we receive it. This process helps us manage and track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

We also contract with third-party advertising networks that may collect IP addresses and other information from web beacons on our websites, emails, and on third-party websites. Ad networks follow your online activities over time by collecting website navigational information through automated means, such as cookies. They use this information to provide advertisements about products and services that may be of interest to you. You may see these advertisements on other websites. This process also helps us manage and track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Mobile cookies

We may collect non-personal information from your mobile device if you have downloaded our mobile application. This information is generally used to help us to best deliver the service for you, by collecting information including how you use the application and the type of device you use. In addition, in the event our application crashes on your mobile device, we will receive information about your device model, software version and device carrier, which allows us to identify and fix bugs and otherwise improve the performance of our mobile application. This information is sent to us as aggregated information and cannot be used to identify an individual.

How do I manage cookies?

You can generally activate or later deactivate the use of cookies through a functionality built into your web browser. You’ll want to refer to your browser’s configuration documentation to do this since the steps for doing so are usually browser-specific. One important note is that if you do go this route, this might adversely impact your ability to use our Websites effectively. Enabling cookies ensures a smoother experience when you use our Websites.

To learn more about how to control cookie settings through your browser:

If you want to learn more about cookies, or how to control, disable or delete them, please visit for detailed guidance. In addition, certain third party advertising networks, including Google, permit users to opt out of or customize preferences associated with your internet browsing. To learn more about this feature from Google, please visit

List of cookies used by Culture Amp

Cookies used in the Culture Amp web platform

Cookie source Cookie name Purpose
Culture Amp secret Authenticate a survey respondent
secret_* Authenticate a survey respondent session
_murmur_session_all Authenticate a platform user session
Treasure Datas _td Traffic and visitor behavior measurement
Intercom intercom-session-* Customer messaging

Cookies used on and

Hubspot hubspotutk Email marketing and forms
DoubleClick doubleclick Advertising and retargeting
Mixpanel mp_<id>_mixpanel Marketing analytics tracking
Google Adwords Conversion conversion_async Advertising pixel for prospecting and retargeting
LinkedIn Ads linkedin Advertising and retargeting
Bizible bizible Attribution tool tracking for conversions and touchpoints
Facebook fbevents Advertising and retargeting
Wistia wistia Video streaming and analytics
Inspectlet __insp_* Visitor behavior recording
Intercom intercom-session-* Prospect messaging
Google Analytics _gid Source and session analytics
Google Tag Manager gtm Traffic and visitor behavior measurement
Segment ajs_user_id Traffic and visitor behavior measurement in survey demo
Amplitude amplitude_id* Product analytics tracking
Bizible _biz_* Marketing analytics tracking
KISSmetrics km_* Analytics
AdIntel for Salesforce ads__referral_url__c Sales lead tracking
Heap Analytics _hp2_id.* Analytics
Bing Ads bat.js Advertising and retargeting
Capterra capterra Advertising and retargeting
Twitter uwt.js Advertising and retargeting
Quora qevents.js Advertising and retargeting