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The Culture First Podcast: Stories for a better world of work

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Sarah Lessire

Culture Amp, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Civil rights activist DeRay McKesson, sex therapist Esther Perell, Vayner Media’s Chief Heart Officer Claude Silver, and organizational psychologist Adam Grant have two things in common:

  1. Thanks to them, people leaders can create a better world of work
  2. They’re featured guests on The Culture First Podcast

Culture First: Stories for a better world of work is Culture Amp’s new podcast about work culture.  This exploration into what being Culture First actually means started with a series of questions that we, as an organization, needed better answers to:

  • What are replicable formulas from companies with successful cultures that we can use in our workplace?
  • What can we do to enable our people to develop more resilience?
  • How do we confront the biases that are hindering an employee's career development?
  • Is there such a thing as allowing too much of the self in the workplace, and how do we encourage vulnerability at the office in a way that still fosters psychological safety?

Starting December 4th, you’ll be able to join host Damon Klotz for a new episode every other week and discover the journeys of trials and triumphs of the people who put culture first - despite all the things that get in the way.

Meet your host: Damon Klotz

Culture Amp’s very own Work Culture Evangelist Damon Klotz dedicates his days to understanding how we can better the human experience within organizations. Equipped with over ten years of insights into the broader HR Tech and People industry, he is devoted to sharing what’s possible within People & Culture through impactful discussion and storytelling.

In each episode, he explores a different facet of work culture, dives into heart-to-heart conversations with well-known and underground culture experts, and shares stories of hardship and success with people who are leading the Culture First revolution.

A podcast for people leaders

Culture Amp’s mission is to create a better world of work for 100 million people, and one of the fastest ways we can get there is by providing people leaders the resources they need to elevate the experience of their teams. Think of this podcast as a guide to inspire and transform your leadership skills, whether you’re a seasoned leader or recently promoted manager.

The Culture First Podcast explores topics such as multigenerational workforces, scaling culture in times of business transitions, relationships at work, designing inclusive workplaces, and the death and rebirth of soft skills.

A dichotomy that most managers experience is feeling a deep desire to improve while being painfully time-poor. Having access to this kind of information in an audio format, and through captivating storytelling, gives people leaders an opportunity to enjoy some hands-free, on-the-go L&D.

Not another dry business podcast

Although packed with valuable information, many podcasts addressing topics such as business management, human resources, and professional development leave a lot to desire when it comes to the listening experience. Eager to embrace the best of both worlds, we turned to deep immersion shows for production inspiration. Within 40 minutes, you’ll find yourself in our recording room, on stage at our Culture First Global Event, talking to a Culture Expert in a New York coffee shop and listening in on a phone call with the CEO of a world-famous company.

Enjoy a first taste of The Culture First Podcast with this trailer

Listen anywhere

Our podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and wherever else you may find your podcasts. All episodes, links, and transcripts are available on

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