Black people matter. Black rights matter. Black lives matter.

It feels almost unbelievable that parts of our world, institutions, and communities today do not recognize these truths. Our collective failure to see, speak, and act in the face of structural racism across a shamefully long history is our responsibility to fix. That action will require us to identify and root out racism in our selves, our operations, our culture, and then, our world.

Our journey to becoming an anti-racist company starts internally.

First, we support our people. We have provided leadership acknowledgment of violence against the Black community and gave permission to call in Black. We held processing sessions, and are offering a Black-specific mental health program.

Second, we take accountability. At a Juneteenth All Camp, we announced our commitment and plan to address structural racism. This includes multiple executive sponsors and requires all senior leaders to have anti-racism development goals (with strong encouragement for all employees). Our success metric only considers the opinion and experience of Black Campers.

Third, we provide education. Every Culture Amp employee will have access to learning opportunities, from an Anti-Racism Coaching Program for all executives to a course on Managing Across Racial Dynamics, a film-based racial justice program, and community-led allyship learning initiatives. We will also offer free Friends & Family Webinars on anti-racism to those connected to our employees.

Finally, we expand access. We’re overhauling our internal knowledge management systems — including how we use productivity and collaboration tools — to ensure that all employees have the information they need to perform and grow. This year, we’ll be also ensuring there is clear, accessible documentation and comprehensive equity audits for all talent processes and re-designing our recruitment process from the ground up.

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Harness activism to create meaningful change at work

DeRay Mckesson, American civil rights activist, podcaster, and former school administrator, shares how he believes we can become activists in the workplace. Watch his keynote to gain wisdom on your role in creating the world we all deserve to live in.

Message from our CEO / To the Black community: we’re with you

Culture Amp is committed to building a world of work where everyone can thrive, which is impossible without organizational justice. We’re committed to designing our organization for equity.

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Supporting our customers

While we are evolving to be an anti-racist organization, we know that many of you are on your own journeys. We believe that Culture Amp’s products play a key role in helping organizations understand where they are on their anti-racism and inclusion journeys, support creating equitable performance & feedback, and help companies be accountable for making meaningful progress.

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As we continue on our journey, we’ll be sharing our internal resources and inspirations with you. Right now, here’s what we’re reading.