Our story

“At Culture Amp we are focused on building a new type of company—a company that truly puts culture first. It is this focus that allows our people to deliver on our promise of a platform that powers culture-focused companies everywhere.”

Didier Elzinga

CEO, Culture Amp

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The journey so far

September 2011

Our first survey launch

Make-A-Wish Foundation (a pro-bono customer) launched our first engagement survey. The reporting was built while the survey was underway! Proof of concept achieved.

October 2013

Release of our first New tech benchmark

Now working with some of the most innovative organizations in the world, we created a New Tech benchmark so that New Tech organizations (and those who wanted to emulate them) could compare cultures.

February 2014

The Geekup is born

Bringing to life our vision of creating more culture-first companies, our first meeting of people geeks (what later came to be known as a Geekup) was held. We were blown away by how many people shared our vision.

March 2015

Series A

After surveying over 60,000 people, working with a who’s who of innovative culture-focused companies, and experiencing some growing pains, we announced our Series A funding led by Felicis Ventures with Index Ventures and Blackbird Ventures.

April 2015

San Francisco office opens

Having spent a lot of time in San Francisco with customers, we established a home of our own in SOMA – which has become one of our fastest-growing offices, and certainly the most fond of fancy dress.

September 2015

New York office opens

A place for Culture Amp in the big apple has given us the opportunity to get to know the East coast of the USA. It sure is unique, and we love it.

February 2016

Our 500th customer!

BDT Beverage came on board as our 500th customer. We marked the achievement with a Sonoma winery trip in San Francisco, bowling in Melbourne and other global celebrations.

March 2016

Series B

By the time we reached Series B funding led by Index Ventures with Felicis Ventures and Blackbird Ventures, we had worked with over 500 organizations and built a community of over 17,000 people geeks.

April 2016

London office opens

Our home base for Campers in London has their own micro-culture and setting. These Campers are a dynamic outfit tackling ambitious goals and connecting with people geeks throughout Europe.

August 2016

Effectiveness product launch

A long-held vision brought to life, our Employee Effectiveness module was launched, empowering individuals, managers and teams to receive actionable development feedback when they need it.

March 2017

Melbourne headquarters

Having outgrown several Melbourne offices, we moved into our own office on Queen Street in Melbourne, fit out to our specifications with a huge space and AV set-up for all-hands meetings.

June 2017

Series C

This round of $20 million led by Sapphire Ventures was a strong validation not just for Culture Amp as a company but also for Culture First as a vision. We are not perfect, but, by scaling a successful culture first company we prove that good workplace culture is good business.

June 2018

The Culture First Conference

It takes skills, and a supportive community to build a better workplace. The inauguration of Culture First conference brought together 1,000 People Geeks from around the globe who learned from experts in their field and a passionate community on how to build company culture as a competitive advantage.

July 2018

Series D

By the time we announced our $40M Series D we were working with over 1,500 companies to help transform organizational change. We are using the funding to invest further in our revolutionary Collective Intelligence framework – helping our customers move from collection and analysis to successful action and change.

January 2019

Zugata Acquisition

With the belief that a company is nothing but the sum of its people, we set out to elevate our offering to include a solution that empowers employees to achieve their potential. By acquiring Zugata, the award-winning performance management platform, we became the world’s first complete solution for employee feedback and performance.


Series E

Our $82 million Series E funding round was a proud milestone for us, not only because it gave us “unicorn” status, but also because it validated our vision to help companies put people first.