We are People Geeks

And we believe the world should be a better place to work.

We are a culture first software company that is building the world's leading survey platform for people & culture. Our team combines deep knowledge in psychology, statistics, UX and engineering into a platform that is transforming organizations worldwide.

Today we help hundreds of the most innovative organizations in the world build better workplaces.

The Team at Culture Amp

Profile image of Didier Elzinga

Didier Elzinga

Co-Founder & CEO - Melbourne

Didier previously co-founded technical academy award winning Rising Sun Research and is non-executive director at Tourism Australia, the Atlassian Foundation and Slingsby Theatre. If you want a short meeting, don't ask about philosophy (you were warned!).

Profile image of Jon Williams

Jon Williams

Co-Founder & VP of Marketing - San Francisco

Jon worked as a technologist and strategist for Credit Suisse, Barclays and BskyB. As the principal architect of our platform, he has seen first hand what does and doesn't work for varying businesses. Jon once wrote to Pixar with an alternative ending to WALL-E.

Profile image of Jason McPherson

Jason McPherson

Chief Scientist - Melbourne

Jason is a research psychologist interested in tech-amplified research (he developed computer-game-like cognitive assessments to make his PhD more fun). Previously a founding team member with Kenexa Australia and Asia Pac Research Associate at Towers Watson. Often mistaken for Craig David on calls.

Profile image of Douglas English

Douglas English

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering - Melbourne

Doug developed and led key architecture projects for major financial and consulting organizations such as NAB, ANZ and EDS. His sneezes are so tectonic, we've come to consider them performance art.

Profile image of Rod Hamilton

Rod Hamilton

Co-Founder & VP of Product - Melbourne

Rod brings a background in management and technical delivery, but it's the people side that makes him tick. Rod helps our customers get the most from our platform, develops our roadmap and tells penguin jokes. Don't call him normcore, he listens to metal.

Profile image of Ramon Elzinga

Ramon Elzinga

People Geek - Adelaide

Ramon has vast experience in finance and sales roles, including time with Ernst & Young and Macquarie Capital Advisors. He makes sure our sales and finance keeps ticking along. He's even better looking in person.

Profile image of Chris Barrell

Chris Barrell

Coach, Customer Success - Melbourne

Chris has a background in organizational psychology and is fanatical about growing our community of people geeks. He is an absolute geek at heart and loves to dabble in anything that presents an interesting problem to solve.

Profile image of Steven Ly

Steven Ly

Coach, Customer Success - Melbourne

Steven is ranked in the top 0.0000014% of survey designers in the world. He is also the resident Culture Amp table tennis ring in (so we all refuse to play him).

Profile image of Peter Haasz

Peter Haasz

VP of Business Development & Product Marketing - Melbourne

Peter earned his stripes as an exec at a global digital media distributor and co-founder of a tech startup. His job is to help us grow, not just bigger but more awesome. Peter prefers his coffee black and his jokes terrible.

Profile image of Keira Hodgkison

Keira Hodgkison

Engineering - Melbourne

Keira joined us as a developer after a lengthy stint working in property, construction and occasional sheep rustling. She is driven by an ongoing pursuit of clean code and people-geekery.

Profile image of Alexis Prades

Alexis Prades

People Geek - London

Alexis joins us directly from Paris, he was looking for an exciting experience abroad after previous roles in French startups such as Mention or Appturbo. Always looking for new experiences, Alexis loves to travel, play sports and meet new people.

Profile image of Angel Pena-Ruiz

Angel Pena-Ruiz

Engineering - Melbourne

Angel made a 25,000km journey by motorcycle to join us at Culture Amp. Now that he’s here, Angel plans to automate all the things and we don't have any intention of stopping him.

Profile image of Zoe Glynn

Zoe Glynn

Customer Support Engineer - San Francisco

As recovering engineer, Zoe loves helping our customers become bigger and better people geeks. When not in the office, she moonlights as a human jungle gym for her daughter.

Profile image of Jo Cranford

Jo Cranford

Lead Developer - Melbourne

Jo has worked as a developer at Lonely Planet, Atlassian and Thoughtworks. She is driven by amazing user experiences, building strong development teams and being part of a startup. We hired her anyway.

Profile image of James Smith

James Smith

IT Administrator - Melbourne

James is a Dad, Tech Lover and Tinkerer. When he's not refining our learning content, he's wedged squarely between the geekiest gadgets imaginable or waxing lyrical on podcasts that he produces.

Profile image of Nicole Dominic

Nicole Dominic

Designer - Melbourne

Nicole is a visual designer with a diverse history of working with brands to bring their unique stories to life. When she’s not wrangling a bezier curve, you can find her sniffing around the Emerald Hill Deli cheese room.

Profile image of Stacey Nordwall

Stacey Nordwall

People Operations Manager - San Francisco

Having been an office manager for many years and trained as a counseling psychologist, Stacey has always been a people geek at heart. When not reading about brains, she writes, draws and binge watches Netflix.

Profile image of Jessy Collazo

Jessy Collazo

People Geek - New York

With a background in recruiting, Jessy joins us as our first dedicated sales member in New York. A born performer, Jessy started her career at Disney World where she performed a number of different characters including Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Profile image of Maria Sakata

Maria Sakata

Coach, Customer Success - San Francisco

With a double Masters in I/O Psychology and Social Science, Maria joins us from Orchard Supply Hardware and Towers Watson. In her free time you can find her playing volleyball or looking for the nearest beach.

Profile image of Buddhi Jayatilleke

Buddhi Jayatilleke

Data Scientist - Melbourne

Buddhi has a background in computer science but switched specialities to data analytics due to his love of solving puzzles and mysteries. He has even found the secret to international travel with a baby.

Profile image of Damien Williams

Damien Williams

Head of Finance - Melbourne

Damien is a commercial CPA with international experience that spans 19 countries across 5 continents. With a passion for travel and exploring the world, he is generally planning his next trip before even leaving for his current one.

Profile image of Karina Rook

Karina Rook

Customer Success Coach - San Francisco

With a background as a business analyst, trainer and technical writer Karina is our user advocate for improving our product. She loves doing jigsaw puzzles but it must be more than 3,000 pieces to qualify as 'good’.

Profile image of Katy Stevens

Katy Stevens

Head of Customer Experience - Melbourne

Katy has spent several years building communities and coaching customers to transform how they work with the helping hand of great technology. She's our resident crazy cat person and former child performer.

Profile image of Kevin Yank

Kevin Yank

Lead Developer - Melbourne

Kevin taught a generation of web developers during his time at SitePoint, and helped to launch success stories like 99designs, Flippa and Learnable. On weekends he performs improvised theatre, which is a lot more like building web apps than you might expect.

Profile image of Steve Hopkins

Steve Hopkins

Director of Customer Success - San Francisco

Steve comes to us after years working at the intersection of company culture and technology with Yammer. The father of two young daughters, he spends his weekends explaining to San Francisco's baristas what a babyccino is.

Profile image of Rongzuo Liu

Rongzuo Liu

Junior Data Scientist - Melbourne

A Master of IT student from the University of Melbourne with a background in information technology, Rongzuo is keen on data analysis. She loves to spend time digging in spicy food, just like how she digs into data.

Profile image of David Lim

David Lim

Designer - Melbourne

Dave is a multidisciplinary designer and front-end developer with a background in user experience and crochet. He only wears blue t-shirts and doesn't mind being photographed with My Little Ponies.

Profile image of Steven Huang

Steven Huang

Strategist, Data & Insights - San Francisco

Steven left an actuarial career to become Facebook’s first HR analyst; where he turned into an engagement evangelist. His favorite things in life are music festivals, traveling, and tennis.

Profile image of Corey McAveeney

Corey McAveeney

Coach, Customer Success - Boston

Corey previously worked in international trade and insurance brokerage, where she saw critical gaps in company culture. So now she's doing something about it. If you ever meet, ask her to tell you a joke.

Profile image of David Ostberg

David Ostberg

Strategist, Data & Insights - San Francisco

David has a PhD in industrial psychology and was previously VP of Workforce Science at Evolv where he managed a team of I/O psychologists. He is a little obsessed with cats and exploring the world on his motorcycle.

Profile image of Daniel Bertram

Daniel Bertram

Information Security Manager - Melbourne

Having consulted at big players when working at Assurance, Daniel is known for his knack of finding out how things break. He does it for us so that you don't. All while rocking out to a bit of Blind Guardian (we don't know it either).

Profile image of Dimitra Kouiroukidis

Dimitra Kouiroukidis

Finance - Melbourne

Dimitra is a well organised and detail orientated person, with experience being the glue between Sales & Finance functions. She joins us after having spent the last few years with her Dynamic Duo, a pair of 5yo twins.

Profile image of Chris Woodcock

Chris Woodcock

Coach, Customer Success - New York

Chris received his Masters in Organizational Psychology and has experience working in government, education, fashion and finance. When he is not thinking about surveys and change management, he is most likely daydreaming about skiing.

Profile image of Will Werhane

Will Werhane

People Geek - San Francisco

Will has worked with customers in more that 50 countries and enjoys collaborating with them to provide the fact-based insights they need to make people-based decisions. He enjoys just about every form of sport, particularly when his team is winning.

Profile image of Eduardo Siu

Eduardo Siu

People Geek - San Francisco

Ed has a vast experience in sales and customer service roles and has found his niche in going the extra mile for his customers, literally having walked an extra mile through the desert to meet a client. He loves playing basketball and listening to Craig David in his spare time.

Profile image of Sushma Girish

Sushma Girish

Engineering - Melbourne

Sushma has experience in building software for web and mobile frameworks. She loves doing number puzzles and debating cricket strategies (we're still working out Sudoku, ourselves).

Profile image of Julianna Kapjian-Pitt

Julianna Kapjian-Pitt

Coach, Customer Success - San Francisco

With a background in sales and product support, Julianna is passionate about teaching customers how to be successful with the powerful tools technology can provide. As a former collegiate rower, she releases her competitive energy by going running with her dog.

Profile image of Natalie Hoch

Natalie Hoch

People Geek - Atlanta

Natalie enjoys helping people achieve their goals and become better people geeks. In her down time, Natalie loves chasing after her son, playing fetch with her dog, and attempting to cook gourmet meals from scratch.

Profile image of Quentin Wallace

Quentin Wallace

Legal & Commercial - Melbourne

Our legal eagle, Quentin takes a fine-toothed comb approach to all our documents and practices. Being a lawyer wasn't enough for him though, so he recently went back to school to learn web development too.

Profile image of Brendan Zabarauskas

Brendan Zabarauskas

Engineering - Melbourne

Formerly at Mozilla and Zendesk, Brendan is passionate about software craftsmanship and computer science. In his spare time he works on generated worlds and teaches himself about type theory.

Profile image of Dan Wearne

Dan Wearne

Designer - Melbourne

Daniel is a passionate Interface Designer who’s sweated the details on a number of Melbourne startups before joining the team. You’ll find him aggressively air drumming at his desk or getting around the office barefoot preaching about Crossfit.

Profile image of Tanya Neary

Tanya Neary

People Geek - Melbourne

Starting her career in Financial Services in Ireland and since moving to Australia Tanya has worked with HR teams across the areas of recruitment and employee benefits. Tanya is a massive foodie, who is happiest when eating.

Profile image of Damon Klotz

Damon Klotz

Head of Community - San Francisco

Damon started his career in HR, transitioned into digital strategy & co-founded a start up; he found the trifecta in his role with Culture Amp. The snazziest dresser in our SF office, you’ll find Damon keeping long hours engaging in twitter wars over cheese puns.

Profile image of Liliana Kellett

Liliana Kellett

People Geek - Melbourne

Liliana comes to us from Argentina, via New York, Sydney, Perth, ADP and Linkedin. Along the way, Liliana competed in the Bejing Olympics as a breast stroker representing Argentina.

Profile image of Cara Conceller

Cara Conceller

People Geek - San Francisco

Cara brings over a decade of experience in sales and building communities to the Culture Amp team. In Cara’s world, there’s boogie funk, one mean leg guitar, and no such thing as a stranger - Welcome to Caradise.

Profile image of David Looi

David Looi

Engineering - Melbourne

David is a quirky developer who loves to bounce new ideas off Wally the stuffed wombat at work. He loves all things basketball, from statistics to videogames or just shooting hoops.

Profile image of Chloe Hamman

Chloe Hamman

Strategist, Data & Insights - London

Chloe has a background in organizational psychology and psychometrics, with insider experience leading culture transformation and engagement programs. She loves hula hoops and other extreme sports.

Our Advisors

Profile image of Scott Farquhar

Scott Farquhar

CEO, Atlassian

Scott is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Atlassian, a leading enterprise software company that powers more than 25,000 companies to build better software. Started in 2002 with just a $10,000 credit card, Atlassian has built a uniquely disruptive enterprise software business model with global reach.

Profile image of Dan Portillo

Dan Portillo

Talent Partner, Greylock

Dan has extensive operational experience building companies from the ground up, in both consumer and enterprise software companies. Previously at Rypple (work.com) and Mozilla, Dan is now focused on accelerating the flow of talent across Greylock's portfolio companies.

Profile image of Paul McCarney

Paul McCarney

Advisor, Investor and Consultant

Paul has extensive experience in working with early and growth stage startups. Paul has spoken at conferences around the world on ROI optimisation, has published numerous articles on IT and Internet marketing and is an active angel investor and advisor in Internet technology related businesses.