Employee Effectiveness

The new approach to 360° feedback

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Accelerate employee development by providing honest and useful feedback

Our new approach to 360° feedback is designed by organizational psychologists and data scientists. It's easy, quick and comfortable to use for people providing and receiving feedback and a breeze for companies to manage.

Reliable 360° feedback

By decoupling feedback from evaluation, we set people up for success in delivering insights of value. Informed by our Effectiveness Methodology, the process is designed to eliminate bias in respondents and anxiety in feedback recipients.

Shape Learning and Development

Employees are provided with clear findings including their top strengths and areas for improvement in a succinct report. This allows facilitators to discuss and reinforce peoples' strengths whilst working with them to identify ways to boost their learning and development.

Easy for everyone

Culture Amp Employee Effectiveness is easy to use for administrators, people requesting feedback and respondents. Employees can launch their own surveys to reduce administrative burden, or the system can be driven centrally.

“Culture Amp helps our employees get candid feedback on how they are doing from their peers and figure out how to improve within the context of our organization's values.”

Morgan Evans, Learning and Development Program Manager

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