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What drives engagement and retention at healthcare companies?

Alexis Croswell

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Culture Amp

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In our most recent eBook, Healthcare industry insights for driving engagement and retention, we combine data from our healthcare benchmark with academic research and advice from two leading medical companies – One Medical, and Mercy Health – to give HR and people leaders in healthcare the insights they need to make data-driven decisions.

People working within the healthcare industry must contend with constant change. It’s undoubtedly one of the most complex industries in which people work today. Whether it’s dealing with new and changing regulatory laws, keeping up with advances in technology and medicine, or adapting to the changing needs of patients, medical professionals must be prepared for anything.

According to data from Culture Amp’s healthcare benchmark, employee engagement within the healthcare industry is slightly higher than what we see in other industries. It still lags behind our Engaging Growth benchmark which is made up of companies from a range of industries that are growing quickly (hiring fast) and also high on engagement and retention – something that can be hard for fast-growing companies.

Employee engagement in healthcare

When it comes to retention, we identified the top factors that impact people’s commitment to stay within the healthcare industry. These are company confidence, leadership, learning and development, and service and quality focus.

Retention in the healthcare industry

Healthcare companies must know how to keep their workforce engaged, and hire and retain the right people. Engaged doctors and nurses deliver better care and are more open to learning new medical advances and technologies that are changing the industry. An engaged workforce can lead to a better patient experience, reduced turnover costs, and greater brand loyalty.

Learn more in Culture Amp’s newest ebook, Healthcare industry insights for driving engagement and retention.

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