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Shape your future with employee insights

Shape your future:
The power of humanized data

What happens when companies stop asking “what if” and start using employee feedback to actively shape the future of their workplace? Find out in our eBook.

Create a better world of work

Insights on culture, engagement, and performance in a hybrid world.

Engage the modern workforce

Trying to engage a rapidly evolving workforce isn’t easy. Employee expectations and diversity have shifted dramatically in a short space of time. How you respond to them determines your chances of being a leading employer of the future.

Our Future of Work series explores why engagement is the new frontier of competitive advantage - and what employers can do to attract and retain workforces that help them win.

Dive into our “Shape the future” series

Five things your employees haven’t shared with you (yet)

Leaders have never had a better opportunity to shape the future of work in a way that suits both the company and their employees. The only question is: where to start?

Employee insights can be the most crucial factor to help you shape your future workplace. Our expert people scientists analyzed thousands of employee engagement survey results, as well as broader research and trends, and identified 5 insightful predictions about the future workplace.

The generation game: What makes your workforce tick?

Generational diversity can be an employer’s superpower. But having employees of different ages learn from each other starts with knowing their general preferences. Check out what the data says about baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, and Generation Z, here.

Webinar series

5 predictions to shape your workplace future

Lead People Scientist Jess Brannigan will uncover five, crucial predictions about the future of work made by employees and discuss actions that need to be taken now.

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Humanising workforce data to shape your culture first company

Customer Success Coach Daniella Loudon will guide you through the process of collecting feedback and using data strategically to tailor your future workplace.

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How employee data can lead to business success

We turned powerful employee insights into meaningful predictions for decision-makers. Discover how a company transformed itself as a result.

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Shaping the future of work

Supporting older employees in the workplace


3 ways employers can help over 55's flourish in the workplace

Employees over 55 are set to constitute a larger proportion of employees than ever before. Here are three ways you can help these older employees thrive.

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Flexibility at work


The power of flexibility at work

Today’s employees know what they want from employers, and flexibility ranks very high. Here's how to meet their expectations for flexibility at work.

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Employee trust in 2022


Employee trust in 2022: Why it’s more important than ever

Employee trust is the bedrock of engagement, but earning that trust is more complicated than ever. Here's how leaders can act to earn that trust.

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At Culture Amp, we’re focused on building a new type of company: one that puts culture first.

Why? Rather than concentrating on the end result (profits to shareholders), we focus on employees as key performance drivers. That focus empowers our people to deliver on the promise of a platform that helps people worldwide build profitable, sustainable, and human-centric companies.