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See Retention Insights in action

When high-performing employees resign, it doesn’t just cost your business 2 x their salary to replace them – it also comes with the even higher cost of disrupted productivity.1

Even though retention is a priority for most HR leaders, solving the problem of turnover can feel like an impossible challenge. Not only do you struggle with disconnected HRIS and survey data, but you’re often forced to work with dashboards that don’t offer timely and actionable insights.

This is why we developed Retention Insights as part of our new People Analytics suite. Now, you can finally unlock comprehensive and actionable answers to your previously unsolvable turnover questions.

With Retention Insights, you can

Illustration of 5 pastel coloured balls interconnected by lines, the biggest blue ball has a white checkmark

Automatically connect your HRIS and survey data to see where turnover is likely to happen and why – before it becomes a persistent problem.

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Identify the earliest turnover warning signals for any group, so you can confidently predict who might leave and exactly what will motivate them to stay.

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Drive leadership buy-in for your retention initiatives, by surfacing trusted insights into the risks and drivers of turnover for all groups.

  • Senior Consultants are such a critical segment of our workforce and are our future leaders. That’s why we asked Culture Amp to join the dots between performance and engagement, help us understand the drivers behind why our senior consultants are leaving us, and how we can help them stay and thrive.”

    Camilla Britton

    HR Director, PwC Australia

Stop turnover of high-performing employees before it’s too late